Hello everyone!
My name is Daniel and I'm from the USA, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania to be exact. I've previously lived in many cities in America and have traveled around the world pursuing several career and life goals.

I have a bachelors' degree in Communications, a Film Production degree, and have worked in various professional fields. Everything from business and project management, international sales and marketing, to repertory film programming and recording engineer.
I tend to be a creative person with a wide knowledge of pop culture and have a wide range of hobbies that include film, music, video production, editing, cooking, to DIY home construction and remodeling, and many more.
I've been coming to Japan now for over 12 years and have recently decided to settle in Kyoto to be closer to my Japanese family and friends.
I believe learning should be not only informative, but fun and insightful for both student and teacher. I'm looking forward to meeting more students who want to improve their English communication skills and help you further pursue your goals, whether business or personal.
みなさん こんにちは!
私はコミュニケーション学科と映画制作学科の学士号を持ち、 ビジネス、プロジェクトマネージメント、国際セールス、マーケティング、レパートリー・フィルム・プログラミングやレコーディング・エンジニアまでさまざまな専門分野で働いてきました。
私は学習が有益なものであるだけでなく、学生と教師にとって楽しく洞察力があるべきものだと思っています。 ビジネスの為または個人的なゴールを目指して、英語のコミュニケーションスキルを向上させたいと思っているより多くの皆様と会うことを楽しみにしています。








色々な国での海外在住歴が長かったこともあり、現地での生の英会話を受講者の方々にお伝えできればと思います。英会話に限ったことではありませんが、上達のコツは「楽しむこと」。 楽しめる事は持続することが出来る、そしてそれはやがて「習慣」となります。楽しむ為には失敗を恥ずかしがらずにどんどん積極的に話していく事で確実に上手くなっていきます。 




Hello everyone!


I'm Tatsuro, You can call me Tatsu! I love camping and travelling.


Seeing the outgoing students in Atsumi's class made me want to join Ei!Ei!Go!! as a teacher. It's a new experience for me☺


I've been living outside of Japan for a long time so I'd like to share with you how to communicate in a a local way. It's not only about English but the key is to enjoy it if you want to improve it. If it's enjoyable, you can keep it up. If you can keep it up,it becomes your habit. In order to do that, don't be shy and speak out with full of confidence!


All students here are so outgoing so why don't you feel free to join us? I will be waiting for your participation!  




Hi everyone! My name is Eloise and I'm from sunny Sydney, Australia. I first came to Japan in 2010 when I moved to Tokyo for two years to begin my teaching jorney. Since then I have taught English to people of all ages, including kids, university students and adults.


As well as teaching English I also design textiles and clothing, and I taught design at university in Sydney. I'm very interested in the environment and sustainability. One of my fabourite things about Japan is its traditional craft culture, and in Kyoto I am learning new skills like indigo dyeing and weaving - which is shy I love living in Nishijin in north Kyoto! I also love Japanese architecture, history, gardens and food, and you can often find me around town asking lots of Questions in shops, workrooms and bookstores!


As a student of Japanese Language (and soon, Chinese!) I understand the thrills and challenges of learning a new language. My hope is to inspire you to communicate naturally in English and give you the confidence to explore the world and make lasting connections with people from other countries and cultures. 









 My name is Daniel, but you can call me Dan. The first thing you need to know about me is that I love to talk. The second thing is that I love stories. I watch a lot of movies, and I read a lot of comic books. And I love to talk about movies and comic books.


I’m from Vancouver, Canada. Vancouver is a strange place where there are cherry blossoms everywhere, and people love to eat sushi! I think you would like it there.


I come from a family of teachers. I’m even married to a teacher! My wife and I moved to Japan to teach English, and to learn Japanese. I have my bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and Drama from Trinity Western University.  I am looking forward to helping you learn English.  











Hi there!

I'm Mark, I come from a small town called Waiuku which is located near the city of Auckland in New Zealand. My family is Dutch, this means my family were originally from The Netherlands. My family name is of Dutch origin    "Kleinstra" and it means "small street" if you translate it to English.

Because my family is spread across the world, I have learned multiple languages and can speak English and Dutch fluently, I can also speak a little German. I have completed a one year course studying the Japanese language here in Kyoto (but I'm still not perfect!), and I hope to become a full-time English Teacher in Japan soon!

I am passionate about learning and teaching languages, and my hobbies include studying, gaming, playing with dogs, relaxing under my kotatsu and going crazy.

I am looking forward to learning from you, teaching you, and speaking with you all in class!

みなさん こんにちは!私はマークです。ニュージーランドの首都オークランドから近いワイウクという小さな町から来ました。私の家族はオランダ出身です。

私の家族は世界中いろんなところにいるので、いろんな言葉を学んできました。私は英語・オランダ語・ドイツ語が話せます。そして京都で一年間日本語を勉強しました。(まだペラペラじゃありません。) 近いうちにフルタイムの英語の先生になりたいと思っています。









新しい生徒さんとの出会い><♪ 皆さんが英語を話せるようになるお手伝いができることを!私も英語が話せませんでした。でもある程度は満足に話せるようになりました。どうやって?How? そしてそれを英会話教室のクラスで一番効率良くレッスンに取り込むには、ということを常に考え、オリジナルプリント作りに日々励んでます。一番のコツはここではお伝えできませんが、1つ言うなら、それが実は一番大事なことなのですが、それは何かと言うと、、、続ける事です!


英!英!GO!! に通うことで、英会話学習を無理なく楽しく続ける事ができ、英語が話せるようになって、皆さんの夢が叶えられるようにお手伝いできるのであれば、それが私の幸せです♡ そして、たくさんの方々と、英語、英会話の楽しさを共有したいです!めっちゃ楽しいです、英会話!!では、話せるようになるために欠かせない「基礎」を固めるのが目標の、「初心者JP」、「基礎JP」、「初級JP」クラス、そして皆さんのリクエストに応えて2017年4月から開講した「初中級JP」クラスで、たくさんの皆さんとの出会いを楽しみにしています。




Hi, I’m Atsumi. I’m very happy to be at Ei! Ei! Go!! and very excited at the fact that I can keep pursuing my career as an English teacher! I want you to know that setting a goal is very important when you learn something and learning how to speak English is not an exception. If you don’t have a clear goal, please set your goal to finish elementary (shokyu) level. When you finish elementary level, that means, you are able to communicate in English! Maybe not as fluent as native English speakers, but you can get general ideas of what they are saying and respond properly. That is what communication is all about. You don’t have to be super fluent or perfect in grammar. I want you to experience the fun part of English communication by understanding each other with people from all over the world. That is going to enrich your life. I would be very very happy if I could help you with that. That’s my goal.


Mr. B


Hi everyone!  I'm Anthony Blackman.  Everyone calls me "Mr. B".  I'm from Hobbs, New Mexico.  Everyone thinks I'm from Mexico, but New Mexico is an American state.  I highly recommend everyone visit once.  It is a truly enchanting state.

I first came to Kyoto way back in 1994.  I have lived in Japan so long that I sometimes forget English.  Over the last 16+ years, I have had the pleasure of teaching thousands of students of all ages from babies to people in their 90s.  It's been a real joy to learn about Japan from all the students and I always enjoy learning new things about the culture.  


Even though I love telling jokes and I have a strange sense of humour, deep inside of me is a burning desire to make sure that all of my students learn English.  I firmly believe that it is every teacher's responsibility to make sure their students are improving.  This is why I never stop trying to make the classes better and more interesting for the students.  I understand Japanese very well, so if you ever have a question that you need answered, don't hesitate to ask in either language.  


In my free time, I like to go to Starbucks and drink my favorite beverage, ice chai tea latte.  I also enjoy riding motorcycles very much.  I love to ride my bike to Lake Biwa and the Japan Sea and sleep on the beach all night.  It's such a great feeling to see the sunrise from the beach.   I also have one more very strange hobby.......I love going deep into the mountains after midnight and looking for wild animals.  Being chased by a giant boar at 2am is far more exciting than a night of karaoke.  

I am excited to be working at Ei! Ei! Go!! and I'm looking forward to meeting all of you one by one.  

Thank you.


みなさん こんにちは!



私は時間がある時、Starbucksに行って、私のお気に入り、Ice Chai Tea Latteを飲んで過ごします。それにバイクに乗るのも大好き。琵琶湖や日本海にバイクで行って、一晩中ビーチで眠るのは最高です!ビーチから眺める朝焼けは本当に美しい....。



Conversation Class with Travis


Nice Yukata!!!












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