Discussion Class Topics

Friday the 1st of June -


- Japan's Issues with Sex -

When I personally compare Japan to the other countries I have experience with, I find that Japan has issues when it comes to talking about sex, the sexual education seems to be fairly limited and Japanese people seem to be caught doing something perverted fairly often. (eg. touching people inappropriately -> チカン, taking a picture/videoing people in changing rooms, or up girl's skirts)


Further, Japanese people tend to get very embarrassed when the topic of sex is brought up, or event something that may be related to sex is talked about the issue shows.


Why do you think Japanese people have this shyness?

Why do you think Japanese people are ok with being naked together in bathhouses, but sexual things are embarrassing?

Why do you think Japanese people end up resorting to perversion?

Why do you think the Japanese sexual education is so limited?

(When I was in high school we had an entire class devoted to health and sexual education, we had to take this class once a day for one whole year)


Another issue is pornographic imagery, up until fairly recently child pornography was not illegal in Japan, and still now, cartoon imagery that depicts children in sexual acts are still legal and are produced. Why do you think this is the case in Japan?


Like I mentioned in the class, these perverted acts DO also occur abroad, however, in comparison, there seem to be a lot less cases of it abroad.




Let's talk about that.

Sunday the 3rd of June -


-  Japanese Education  


Every now and again, I hear from students of mine that the Japanese school curriculum seems to be flawed, outdated, or just generally bad.

There are apparently parts of the curriculum that give a lot of conservative views while not offering the opposing views, the English education seems to be problematic too, I mean, this school is able to exist because of it.


Some things seem to need updating from just old ideas, to old information that has changed over time.


Furthermore, I have also heard that there are plenty of teachers who have little to no idea about the subject they are teaching, and are just teaching whats in the textbook provided.


Do you think there are a lot of issues with the education system in Japan?

What kinds of issues do you know about?

What can be done about these issues?

Do you think the system is the problem? Or is it a problem with teachers? Or a school administration problem?


 Let's talk about that.

Tuesday the 29th of May -
- Juvenile Violence and Punishment 


How should we adequately punish young people in our society?

What is considered effective, what is considered ineffective and what is too harsh?

The purpose of punishment is to discourage major rule violations by applying a consequence that is sufficiently impactful, in order to discourage young people from repeating the same bad behavior. Some people believe spanking (striking) a child is a perfectly suitable method of punishment, but it is illegal in many countries.

But should punishment be the primary way we deal with bad behavior or serious violations?

Should we try to use communication first to hear out, talk out, and work out an agreement with children?

 - Are they able to adequately respond to difficult agreements?

How does severe punishment such as youth detention, imprisonment and corporeal punishment affect someone who is not yet fully developed, emotionally and physically?



Let's talk about that.




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