Discussion Class Topics

Friday the 28th of September -


-  Old People as guards? 



Look in front of most supermarkets, on college campuses or in department stores, you'll usually see a guy like one of these guys here in the picture->


But what you might not really be paying close attention to is the fact that the majority of these people are old. Old men for the most part.


But why? Why are these guards old men?

If I were a criminal, they wouldn't phase me in the slightest, what are they going to do, yell at me and then break their hip?


Are they being employed in these positions purely to give them a job at their age?

If that is the case, what kind of job do you think would be better for both them, and the public?


Even if Japan is very safe, don't you think this a bit of an exaggeration?


Let's talk about that.

Sunday the 7th of October -


 -  Whats the point of a figurehead showing up after a disaster? -


"Oh so your house was destroyed in the earthquake/flood/typhoon/etc., well, I hope you can get back on your feet again soon, bye."

That what I imagine Abe is saying here.


I might be wrong. But still, I want to know, what is the point of his visit to these people?

Wait! Before you say it's good publicity for Abe, I know that already, I'm actually asking about the other side.

What is the point of someone like Abe or the Emperor visiting disaster stricken areas and talking to people?

Wouldn't it be better if he went out and helped dig up some of the rubble that needed clearing away?


This reminds me of people who do charity "for the camera", if I help a homeless guy without telling anyone, I have actually done it out of charity. If I go and help a homeless guy while I video myself doing it and post it to the internet for everyone to see, I have done it purely to help myself to gain popularity or even money from internet traffic.


Is this the same case for these kinds of visits after disasters occur?


Let's talk about that.


Tuesday the 25th of September -


 -  Is it necessary to go to space? 



Space is a really interesting thing to think about. We have very little idea of what's really out there, and we are alway curious as to what we can learn from other planets, meteors, stars, and other extra-terrestrial things.


But do we really need to be looking to the skies and shining of going into space?

Should we be focusing more on things down on Earth first?


What might be the consequences of going into space?

Is there really anything out there that could be of use to us, and if there is something, what are the chances we ever find it?


Is there anything out in space that we can use to improve life on this planet?

If there isn't, why are we still going out there?


Let's talk about that.



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