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Due to the Coronavirus pandemic we have reduced our class sizes. As such, until our class sizes return to pre-pandemic numbers, presentation and debate style  discussion classes will not be held.


All discussion classes will be discussion style only.

- Friday 25th of June -


- Home schooling vs public schooling -


What do you think about the idea of not sending your children to school? Some people prefer to keep their children at home and teach them at home. They don't go to school. They can, if they want, still take tests to get certificates, but that is all. In some countries it is illegal (Germany, I believe). But in other places, it is normal. For example, my wife was actually home schooled. And in fact, many people move from Germany to the UK in order to home school their children. Usually they form communities where they do group events and activities.


What do you think about this compared to regular public school? Is it a good idea? Why is sending your child off to school 7+ hours a day to be taught something you have no control over by someone you have no idea about, with other people you've maybe never met, a good idea? What are the benefits or the downsides to either system? And how is homeschooling viewed in Japan?


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Let's discuss this!


- Friday the 18th of June -


- Junk food/Unhealthy food advertising aimed at children  -


I have mentioned before that in Western countries, smoking, cigarettes, cigars, and any other kind of tobacco products are all banned from being advertised. In fact, in some countries, the cigarette boxes are not allowed to have color, a logo, or other information on them. Just a plain white box with the name of the brand, and the type of cigarette that is in the box. Some cigarette boxes have photos of damaged teeth, damaged lungs, damaged eyes, etc. showing plainly and simply what kind of damage this product can do to peoples' bodies.


This is all done because the product is dangerous to the user's health as well as people who are around that user, including children.


So why do we accept normal advertising when it's for unhealthy food or junk food?

Why do we accept normal adverting aimed at children for unhealthy/junk food?


Should sugary foods and drinks be sold with simple, easy to understand information that highlights how it can be dangerous to one's health to eat this kind of food regularly?


We know that these foods can lead to health issues like obesity (which leads to many more health issues), sugar is bad for your teeth, many of these foods have a LOT of sugar, so why do we accept this advertising aimed at children?


And by children, I don't just mean little kids, I mean teenagers too, teenagers are more likely to have the time and, if they have a part time job, the money to buy this stuff without the supervision of their parents. 


But for little children, the danger is there too, parents these days need dual incomes in order to be able to afford to raise children. They can't have one person at home cooking and cleaning all day, so fast food/junk food is the easy way to get their children fed, while still being able to work/do housework etc.


Should this kind of food be prevented from being advertised to children?


Let's discuss this!

 - Sunday 20th of June -


- Olympics -


What can I say that hasn't already been said?


Japan is insistent that it will hold the olympic games no matter what happens.


Many people believe it should not be held.


What do you think about all of the drama surrounding this event?


Let's discuss this!


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