Discussion Class Topics

Week: 25- 26

(Friday the 13th - Thursday the 26th)

Friday the 20th of October-


- Equality Quotas  


 I think we can all agree that equal rights is a good idea. Also, that we want everyone who doesn't yet have them to have equal rights. 


Some companies, schools, and services are trying to work towards equality by installing quotas of people for positions available in their organisation.

For example '50% men and 50% women', even if the applicants disproportionately apply for that position, they won't accept any less.


Let's look at the front-line soldiers in the army, probably, due to the kind of work it is, more men will apply for it than women. This is not an issue of gender equality but personal preference of those who apply for the position. Yet, in a certain country, the idea is that due to the amount of front-line soldier positions being largely only men, the army has taken the idea that until they meet the quota of 50% of recruits being women, they will only take women on.


Is this truly the right way to get equality?

Should quotas be introduced to get an equal amount of different kinds of people into all kinds of institutions?

Is "an equal amount" the same as "equality"?


Let's talk about that.

Sunday the 22nd of October -


- Tuna overfishing 



Japanese people love tuna.

It's normal to love tuna, it's delicious, but with 127 million Japanese people, and of course the rest of the world loving tuna too, to meet that demand it is important to think about that there aren't enough tuna in the world to supply everyone.


Recently, the quota of fish per year is going through a process to increase it by a large amount by 2020. However, those who count and survey the fish would say that this is a bad idea, and that the population of these tuna has not yet recovered to the point that would make fishing so many feasible.


Do you think we should just cut down on the amount of tuna we eat?

How does the conservation of tuna compare to the conservation of whales?

Could you live without ever eating tuna again?


(Here's an article about this: https://japantoday.com/category/world/expanded-bluefin-tuna-quotas-could-reverse-recovery-scientists)


Let's talk about that.

Tuesday the 17th of October -
- An Electronic Dark Age  
What would happen if electricity ceased to exist? Imagine tomorrow there's no electricity any more. Every possible electrical device stops working, from the lights in your house, to the machines keeping people alive in hospital.
Do you think this world could safely revert back to a time in which electricity doesn't exist?
Do you think the loss of electricity would cause catastrophic changes in your life?

Let's talk about that.


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