Discussion Class Topics

Week: 23- 25

(Friday the 22nd - Thursday the 14th)

Friday the 6th of October-


- Are gangs still an issue in Japan?  


So we talked about the Yakuza a long time ago, when the yearly Halloween event held by one of the big Yakuza syndicates was cancelled.

But for the last while there hasn't been a lot of news showing up about such groups.

Is the influence, the amount of activity and the relevance of such groups fading?

Do you think they are still causing issues?

Do they cause issues in your life?


Let's talk about that.

Sunday the 24th of September -


- What will happen if Japan's population drops


As you all know, Japan's population is declining. The ratio of old and young is  at a point of the old being at the highest value it has ever been.


Eventually, this large group of people will start dying out, and a large drop in population is likely to occur. What will happen if this drop occurs in large scale?


Is it really so bad if the population drops?

Would Japan be able to benefit from a smaller population?


Let's talk about that.

Tuesday the 26th of September -
- What do you look for, or avoid in a partner or a friend?  
Theres a a bunch of good or bad points in people, and depending on your own opinions or feelings, you value these points differently.
Maybe something that you think is a good point is a bad point for your classmates.
What do you think are so-called "red flags"?
What do you think are desirable attributes?
Could you accept someone with both desirable attributes and red flags?
Can you change someone? Should you change someone?

Let's talk about that.


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