Discussion Class Topics

Friday the 15th of December-


- What would happen if all religions were proven 100% false? -


Imagine someone came forward with some kind of proof, some kind of evidence, that could 100% and without fail prove that all religions were false.

And that whatever people saw, felt, heard, or believed when it came to religion, could be explained by science some how, 



What kind of effect would it have?

Would believers stop believing?

What would happen to religious institutions and holy sites? (eg. mecca, the vatican, etc.)


Let's talk about that.

Sunday the 17th of November -


- Should the population of humans on Earth be artificially limited? 


The amount of people in the world is ever increasing. Even though in some countries like Japan, it isn't.


The world can only sustain a certain amount of living things, and even with advances in technology, we can only hope to keep a certain amount of humans alive.

Even so, having more and more people being sustained doesn't mean being comfortable.

Imagine putting 10 goldfish in a single fishbowl.


Some scientific minds have warned of a future in which the world would no longer be able to support human life.


For example: 

https://www.cnbc.com/2017/05/05/stephen-hawking-human-extinction-colonize-planet.html OR


Let's talk about that.

Tuesday the 19th of December -
- Evaluate 2017 


For the final discussion class of 2017, we are going to discuss the Happiest, Saddest, Scariest, Funniest and Most Important things that happened in 2017.


This discussion is about your opinions, and you can decide that something you've personally experienced filled one of these categories (but don't get too personal).


Is there a point that you all agree on?

Is there something that one of your classmates mentions disagree is the (x)-est point of 2017? Why?



Let's talk about that.


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