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Friday the 15th of November -


 - Presentations 


This week is presentation week!


This week we'll have Keiko and Toshiki.



Let's enjoy these presentations!

Sunday the 17th of November -


 - Are STRICT workplace clothing restrictions necessary? 



It's obviously important that when you go to work, that you don't dress like a clown or wear a crazy costume. It's obvious that you need to look professional, or at least formal.


But when it comes to points that include being told that you MUST wear high heeled shoes, or you are NOT allowed to wear glasses (you must wear contact lenses if you need them) or you MUST wear black shoes, among other kinds of strict restrictions, these kinds of points are not necessarily going to improve how formal or professional that you look, providing you have other decent clothing or wear normal looking accessories (glasses etc.).


But why do many Japanese companies have such strict restrictions?

Couldn't a lot of companies relax these rules?


Here are some articles that may help you with this discussion:





Let's talk about that.

Tuesday the 19th of November -


- Thursday the 21st of November - 


 - Hong Kong Protests (Violence and News Coverage) 


The protests in Hong Kong are still ongoing and there are all kinds fo tactics being employed by both sides, the protesters, and the police.


Recently, the police forces have started trying to remove student protesters from universities around Hong Kong. The students, worried about their safety, are stockpiling anything that they can use to defend themselves (e.g. weapons like bows and arrows from the archery clubs), while police are continuously using tear gas, rubber bullets, and other tactics to subdue protesters.


The protests are getting increasingly violent and the police are also increasingly violent. But is this violence justified?

Hong Kongers are fighting for their freedom, and if they can't get it through peaceful protest, is violence the answer?

Are the police justified in resorting to violence to subdue protesters?


Should the media be showing the graphic violence to us?

Does it let us understand the situation better, if we see just how honestly gruesome it is in Hong Kong at the moment?

Or is it too much?


Let's discuss that.


Students with Hohua!


Moira, Mark, Hohua and Dan!












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