Discussion Class Topics

Friday the 23rd of November -


 - Racism In Japan  


Do you think there is racism in Japan?

Some people have different ways of defining what is, or isn't a racist act, but for our discussion let's just say it means the act of expressing hate of someone because of their race (mostly through how they look).


Again, I want to explain that there are many people in the world, and everyone is  entitled to their own personal preferences, you don't HAVE to like all races. But as long as you don't express your hate somehow (speech, demonstration, violence, segregation), then I think no one will ever know that you have racist feelings.


Do you think the expression of racist feelings comes up in Japan?

Why do you think some people in Japan are against foreigners?

What do you think about the example I gave you earlier where a young boy I was walking past, not far from my home, said "近いよるなアメリカ人" to me.

The boy was only 6 or 7 years old, but what do you think about that?

Probably he didn't come up with the hate by himself, but where do you think he got it from? Why do you think he would pick that up and actually say it in public?


Let's talk about that.


Sunday the 25th of November -


 -  100 Years since WW1, What have we learned since? -


We recently had the 100th anniversary of the end of World War 1. While it's also the fact that we've had more wars since, and they too were horrible horrible events, do you think we learned anything from World War 1, on the whole?


Do you think that we have a bad habit of ignoring past horrors like this?

Why do you think we still go to war, even though we know the horror that awaits when we do go to war?


On a separate note, what do you think about the ceremonies and speeches that were given in memorial of World War 1 troops?

Do you think it was done appropriately?

Should there be more awareness in the world about WW1?

Is WW1 so far in the past now that it is no longer relevant to the current world situation in terms of possible battles that could occur today?



Let's talk about that.



Tuesday the 20th of November -


-  Marijuana Laws -



Look at this picture.

What do you think it is?

Well ok, I know you know it's marijuana, but is it more than just a plant?

Is it dangerous?


Why do you think the world has been against marijuana use for so long?


Recently Canada legalized recreational marijuana use, do you think it was a good idea?


A few points to remember, is that in Japan, marijuana was used in cooking, and even today, you can find marijuana seeds in shichimi! There's even a marijuana museum in Nasu (Tochigi)! 


Do you think the world needs to change marijuana laws?

How about Japan?

Do you think there is harm in marijuana use?


Let's talk about that.



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