Discussion Class Topics

Friday the 31st of January -


 - DEBATE: Is alternative/traditional medicine harmful or not? 


If you don't know what alternative/traditional medicine is defined as, please read the first line of the wikipedia article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alternative_medicine


What we will debate, is whether alternative/traditional medicine is harmful or not, that means, FOR EXAMPLE, if someone has cancer, and is told that traditional Chinese medicine, that has no scientific basis, will cure their cancer, they will eventually die from the cancer, as the alternative/traditional medicine does NOT actually treat cancer.


However, it could be said that the alternative medicines are not really harming anyone, they're a belief, like a religion, they aren't being forced on you, right?


Let's debate that.


Sunday the 2nd of February -


- Anti-Abortion Ideas 


Recently, Trump has attended an Anti-Abortion Rally in the USA. The members of this group of people are often religious, but not always.

On top of this you may often find that people who are anti-abortion care about the birth of a child, but not so much about the child after it has been born. Even if the child has been born into bad circumstances, or would be born into poverty, that part is less important than the idea that the child should be born.


But what do you think about the idea of anti-abortion?

Is abortion really so bad?

Do you think it should be a woman's right to have an abortion if she needs to?

Should the government be allowed to decide whether women can have an abortion or not?

What are the pros and cons of allowing abortion?


Let's discuss that.

Tuesday the 28th of January 


 - 24 hours a day convenience stores 


Recently, convenience stores in Japan that typically stay open 24 hours a day and starting to close - meaning they are not open 24 hours a day.

Many companies and store owners are claiming there is a staff shortage and so they cannot afford to keep the store open late at night. There has even been a particularly important case where a store owner has been fired by 7/11 for changing the store hours.


Do you think it's okay for stores to NOT be 24 hours a day?

Does it matter if some stores close earlier?

What about the difference between urban centres and rural neighbourhoods?

Where will you buy famichiki at 2am if your local Family Mart closes at 11pm?

Lets talk about that!


In class with Hohua!


Moira, Mark, Hohua and Dan!












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