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Due to the Coronavirus pandemic we have reduced our class sizes. As such, until our class sizes return to pre-pandemic numbers, presentation and debate style  discussion classes will not be held.


All discussion classes will be discussion style only.

- Tuesday the 27th of October -


- The Go To Campaigns -


The Go To campaigns are in effect at the moment, but are they really good for the country?


The corona virus is still here, it hasn't gone away, we don't have a cure or a vaccine yet. So campaigns like this could help spread the virus, don't you think?


How about the economic effects, these campaigns are supposed to stimulate economic activity and get people spending money in sectors that are feeling the burn of lack of customers both due to the virus, and due to the country being closed to tourists. Do these campaigns really help?


Are there too many different campaigns?

Are they too complicated for everyone to be able to use efficiently?

Will you use it? If so why? If not why not?



Let's discuss this!

- Friday 30th of October -


- Japanese Prime Minister Suga -


Japan recently got a new Prime Minister after Shinzo Abe made the decision to step down. Yoshihide Suga became the new PM, taking over the LDP.


He is a rare politician in Japan, not coming from a politician family, and seems to want shake things up.

Do you think this will happen? Or is this all just talk? He has already promised to phase out both fax machines and hanko for official purposes. Is this a good move?

More recently he made the promise that Japan would become carbon neutral by 2050.

What do you think of Suga, would he win the next election? Does he mark a move away from the old Abe era, or is he just Abe by another name? He is certainly not without controversy already. 


Let's discuss this!


- Friday 30th of September -


-  Law Enforcement vs. Humanity


In the last while, we've seen more and more images of the public trying to stand up for their rights against oppressive governments or rulers. Most times, most of the people fighting for their rights are peaceful protestors, however, even those peaceful protestors are treated harshly by the law.


Law enforcement officers, police, and other authorities are human. It's a purely obvious statement, and generally, you would think, when many people are fighting for something that is infringing on their rights, that humans might band together and try to work out a solution. However, the reality is that many of these law enforcers take their job as their priority, and seemingly forget that they are fighting against humans.


In the USA we saw a group of mothers who peacefully protested, but were then hit with tear gas anyway. 



In Hong Kong, we saw people standing in the streets and being tear-gassed, hit with water cannons, and even beaten with batons. 



In Nigeria people have been shot dead by law enforcement while they peacefully protest.



In Thailand people protesting the monarchy are being met with walls of police and some water cannons.



So why do you think these law enforcers give their job priority?

If you were in their position, would you defect?

Don't you think it's odd that humans who are part of the same system, who may encounter the same prejudices outside of their law enforcement work, might still fight against people who are fighting for their rights?


Let's discuss this!

- Sunday 8th of November -


 Abduction of Japanese Citizens by North Korea  -



 So this topic needs little explanation for you to be able to discuss it thoroughly.

The only extra topic I want to add to this, this time, is why did Abe and Suga attend the funeral of the father of one of the abductees recently? They have failed to bring back the daughter of this father who passed away, they might have attempted, but personally, from my own point of view, I don't see why they attended that funeral. Maybe you can explain that to me.


Let's discuss this!


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