Discussion Class Topics

Friday the 24th of May -


 -  Why do you think kids do school shootings in the USA?  




School shootings in the USA, they happen so often now that in some cases they don't even show up in international news anymore.


A lot of the time (not always) school shootings are done by students that studied at that very school, and have killed their classmates/teachers/etc.


But why do you think they do this?

What kinds of issues do you think plague these young people?

Do you think there's a way to combat the issues they face?


- Let's talk about that!


Sunday the 26th of May -


 -  Why don't better parties appear for the Japanese government? 


Every time we talk about government in Discussion Class, the standard answer most students tell me as to why they vote for the LDP, is because there's no one else worth voting for.


But why is there no one else worth voting for?

Why don't new parties appear?

Why don't other parties get to a level that you would think they are worth voting for?


What kinds of requirements do you think are necessary for a party to be worth voting for? (please don't say they need experience as the governing party)


Let's talk about that.

Tuesday the 21st of May -


- Thursday the 23rd of May - 


 - Why do people think Japan is "Safe"? 


Japan is considered really safe by a lot of people, both Japanese people and foreigners have a mental image of Japan being really safe.


But bad things happen in Japan.

Crime happens.

Murder happens, theft happens, abuse happens, kidnappings happen, accidents happen, natural disasters happen and more!

These crimes are committed by Japanese people too!


But we still think Japan is really safe. Why?

What does "safe" mean?

Do you think Japan is actually safe?

What problems do you think Japan has in terms of safety?


Let's talk about that.



Students with Dan and Hohua!


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