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Due to the Coronavirus pandemic we have reduced our class sizes. As such, until our class sizes return to pre-pandemic numbers, presentation and debate style  discussion classes will not be held.


All discussion classes will be discussion style only.

- Friday 23th of April -


- Vaccine passports -


We have all  seen the stories. Some countries and governments discussing the idea that special "passports" be issued for people who have received their corona virus vaccine in order to prove they have received it.

Of course, lots of people are concerned about this. People are worried it will lead to some form of vaccine discrimination. People with vaccines will get special benefits and treatment and those who choose not to get the vaccine might be banned from entering places or receiving certain benefits. In the UK specifically, there is talk of pubs and bars maybe requiring customers to show these passports. 


Do you think this is a good idea? Do you think the criticisms of the idea are legitimate? Why are people so strongly against it? Some  countries already require proof of certain vaccines for a number of things. Some schools in America and possibly Australia have a "no jab, no play" policy. Do you know about this? Has it worked? Is it the same as the current proposals?


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Let's discuss this!


- Friday 23rd of April -


-  Opt-Out Donor System-


There are two main ways in which organ donation works, the opt-in system or the opt-out system. Currently many countries run on the opt-in system, this system means that you have to say that you want to give away your organs when you die.


What this means is that many people who, most likely would not have had a problem giving away their organs, might not have been able to in the case of their death, due to not having filled in some paperwork saying that it was ok to take those organs. This also means people who needed those organs were unable to receive them.


According to Wikipedia, England only recently changed to an out-out system:

"England's Organ Donation Act, also known as Max and Keira's law, came into effect in May 2020. It means adults in England will be automatically be considered potential donors unless they chose to opt out or are excluded. As of March 2021 Scotland also has an opt-out system."

More info: https://www.organdonation.nhs.uk/helping-you-to-decide/about-organ-donation/faq/what-is-the-opt-out-system/


Do you think this is a better way to work with organ donation in a country?

Do you think you should have to opt-out or opt-in?

Would you accept an opt-out system in Japan?


In what cases do you think people should be excluded from an op-out system?

Do you think you would donate your organs? If no, why not?


Are you a donor now?

If the opt-out system would start in Japan, would you opt-out?


Let's discuss this!

 - Sunday 25th of March -


- Child/Youth Criminal Punishment -


How are young offenders dealt with in Japan?


Actually, to tell you the truth, I personally have no idea how this is dealt with in Japan.


While I know that heinous crimes occur much less frequently in Japan, I'm sure there are some that do occur, and in some cases are committed by youth/children.


Are they punished by society?

Are they rehabilitated?

How are their chances of returning to society in Japan after offending?

If they have little chance of returning to society without permanent stigma, would it be more likely that they end up reoffending?


In the case of petty crime vs. heinous crime, how are they treated differently by law enforcement? (for youth!)


In the case of crime that costs a lot of money to fix/replace/etc. are parents left with the bill? What if the family is in poverty and certainly can't afford to pay?


Let's discuss this!


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