Discussion week 31 - Friday and Sunday

Discussion Week 31 - Friday the 27th

What Happened To Sumo?

What happened to sumo in Japan? In the past alarge portion of the Japanese people were very interested in Sumo, the wrestlers, and the current yokuzuna.

However, these days very few people watch or are interested in the current state of Sumo, or even know who the current yokuzunas are.

Does this have anything to do with racial bias, seeing as there has not been a Japanese yokuzuna for some time now?

Or could this have something to do with the fact that Sumo has been linked to Yakuza?

Let's talk about that.


Discussion Week 31 - Sunday the 29th

Terror, News, Debate!

Recently in parts of the world there have been a lot of terror-related attacks, as well as other tragedies such as the Malaysian airlines disasters.

Even in Japan there have been actions taken due to the large terror-related attacks, such as those that recently happened in France.

Do Japanese people care about world events such as these? Do you even read much about these kinds of events in the News?

Also if you do hear/read about these things do you often talk about them with other people? Do you ever debate things that happen in the world? It does not seem common for Japanese people to debate... well..... anything.

Lets talk about that.


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