Discussion week 32 Friday the 4th and Sunday the 6th of December

Discussion week 32

 - Friday the 4th of December


 - Why do you hate your Grandmother?


In Japan, there has been an increase in elderly shoplifters, do they just crave attention? or are they really in financial trouble? I'm sure that if you spent more time with your grandparents, they wouldn't be so inclined to take up such a criminal hobby.

But, even if they don't go as far as to take up such a habit, there is still the chance of them dying alone after months or even years of neglect, a long time without communcation with their family can weigh heavily on their minds, causing them to stop caring about themselves, driving them to the point of self-neglect and they could end up dying alone in their house/apartment, and since you don't contact them, it could be months or years before anyone even notices that they have died. Japan has such a large elderly population, so why aren't they being taken care of in the right way?



 - Sunday the 6th of December

  - Do you really believe that?

Japanese people seem to believe a lot of things, omikuji, fortune tellers, horoscopes, blood types and even make wishes to shrine gods and stars. Do Japanese people actually believe these things? What is the strangest kind of belief that Japanese people seem to follow?

Or is all of this purely for fun or like a thrilling gamble, for example "Let's see who can get a good fortune"?

Do you often partake in these superstitious practices? Do you know about superstitions from the western world, and how do they compare to Japanese superstitions?

Let's talk about that.













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