Discussion week 33 Friday the 11th, and Sunday the 13th

Discussion week 33. 

Friday the 11th - Do we even need royalty anymore?

What is the point of the royal families? A group of rich, snobby people that are born into a life of luxury and are idolised and loved by the general public. But even if their ancestors were great amazing people, the current royal families around the world are comprised of people that have not done anything noteworthy for many years, and they don't even run the countries that they are Queen/King/Emperor/Etc. for.

What is even the point in having royalty in modern society?

Sunday the 13th - Is Japan too Convenient?

If you look around in Japan, there are convenience stores on every block, vending machines almost every 20 meters, and even many small buildings have elevators. If you compare this to the rest of the world, some places don't even have 24H shops, and they don't even have elevators in some tall buildings. Some countries are still only starting to get public transport started up, but even now they don't have a train showing up every 10 minutes.

When is the last time you had to go far to get something you need?

When is the last time you had to drive somewhere that you couldn't get to by train or bus?

Have you been in other countries and do you notice the difference in convenience?


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