Discussion Week 36 - Friday the 15th, and Sunday the 17th

- Discussion Week 35 - 


 - Friday the 15th of January

 - Cyber Security - 

How safe is your online information? How often do you change your passwords, and is it often enough? What precautions can you take to prevent losing your important online information?

Between September and December, there were 97 Japanese Websites hacked by a single hacker-group alone, now that's only Japan, I'm sure there have been a lot more hacking problems all over the world. But If hacking can happen like this, how easy will it be for hackers to get your information out of your favourite shopping website?

What about your online banking?

Also, information is not the only risk on the internet, with the amount of adult content on the internet, and how easy it is to access it, are children at risk? As well as the kinds of people that specifically search for young people via the internet for horrible reasons, do the cons outweigh the pros of the internet?


Lets talk about that.


 - Sunday the 17th of January

 - Music and Movies from the West 〜 Western/Eastern Media -

With the recent release of the new Star Wars movie, I think its a good idea for us to talk about the influence of Western movies and music in Japan, Japan of course has a lot of it's own music and movies, J-POP and Japanese Movies seem to be very popular, but are Western movies and music an influencing factor in the Japanese lifestyle?

What about other Western media? Are there any particular Western movies, songs, books, etc. that most Japanese people will almost definitely have seen/heard/read at some point in time?

What about animated movies, such as Disney movies, or other Western animations?

Do you even know what Mickey Mouse or Donal Duck sounds like when he speaks English? Or do you only know the Japanese voice for those characters?

Do you think such characters should be dubbed, or are subtitles better for original characters?


Let's talk about all of that.













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