〜 Mark's English Storytelling 〜

〜 Mark's English Storytelling 〜



Hello everyone!

I am going to write English stories for you once per week with some interesting Vocabulary and Grammar, it's like a small lesson that you can try at home!

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I hope you enjoy this week's story! Please leave a comment if you have questions about any vocabulary or grammar!!

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- Going home.


After leaving the restaurant, my friends and I parted ways and headed to our homes. It had snowed throughout the evening so the streets were cold and slippery. I had to be extra care while crossing the road, but luckily, during my walk home, the sky way clear, and the snow had stopped falling. As I walked down the street, I started to notice some shops and buildings I had never seen before.


I accidentally shouted "Oh my god! Where am I? Am I lost?" So I thought about the route I took when I left the restaurant; I turned left in front of the restaurant, I went straight for 10 minutes, I turned right at the traffic lights, I crossed the road near the department store, and walked east for another 500 meters. Oh no! I was supposed to turn right in front of the restaurant! I went the wrong way! I was lost.


I decided to retrace my steps back to the restaurant, so I walked west for 500 meters, I crossed the road near the department store, I turned left at the traffic lights, and finally I went straight for 10 minutes. I managed to get back to the restaurant, but after all of that walking, I was feeling a little hungry and a little thirsty. I remembered that there was a convenience store just north of the restaurant, so I started to walk there.


I walked north for 15 minutes, and I found the convenience store. At the convenience store I bought a rice ball, and a bottle of ice coffee, and ate the rice ball, and drank the coffee before leaving the convenience store. I walked south for 10 minutes, and finally started taking the correct route home so I could go to bed and sleep.













水  10:00~21:00

木  10:00~19:00

金  12:00~19:00

土  10:00~17:00

日  11:00~13:00


定休日 毎週月曜日 


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