〜 Mark's English Storytelling 〜

〜 Mark's English Storytelling 〜



Hello everyone!

I am going to write English stories for you once per week with some interesting Vocabulary and Grammar, it's like a small lesson that you can try at home!

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I hope you enjoy this week's story! Please leave a comment if you have questions about any vocabulary or grammar!!

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- Too tired.


When I finally got home from the restaurant, I wanted to sleep, I was so tired. So, I got into my bed, and pulled my duvet up to my neck. I fell asleep almost immediately. I started dreaming about all kinds of things that had happened recently. I dreamt about the awesome car I saw two days ago. I can remember thinking 'I think that car is fast', when I first saw it.


I slept all night long and had many great dreams, but all of a sudden I heard a loud noise!

'= -^-BEEP-^- = -^-BEEP-^- ='.

It was my alarm clock, it was already 6:30am! I thought I had to get out of bed and get ready for work soon, but then I realised it was Sunday, I have the day off on Sunday. So I relaxed in my bed for a little longer.


While I was relaxing in bed, I turned on the TV, and started watching a Japanese TV show, and I started to think about the people in the TV show, and I thought the TV show's host was crazy. He was telling jokes and saying many funny things. I think I will watch that tv show again tomorrow.


I looked at my clock and noticed it was 7:30am, so I decided to get out of my bed and turn off the TV, I thought I should have breakfast and after that I would take a shower and get dressed. I think I fried bacon and eggs, and ate them on toast. I think bacon and eggs on toast is delicious. I finished eating my breakfast and decided it was time to get dressed so I could go shopping later.













水  10:00~21:00

木  10:00~19:00

金  12:00~19:00

土  10:00~18:00

日  10:00~13:00


定休日 毎週月曜日 





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