〜 Mark's English Storytelling 〜

〜 Mark's English Storytelling 〜



Hello everyone!

I am going to write English stories for you once per week with some interesting Vocabulary and Grammar, it's like a small lesson that you can try at home!

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I hope you enjoy this week's story! Please leave a comment if you have questions about any vocabulary or grammar!!

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- What to wear.


I opened my wardrobe to look for what I should wear to the shops. I don't own many different clothes, and actually, most of my clothes were very plain. I decided to wear my newest jeans and a striped green t-shirt. I looked in the mirror, and noticed that my striped green shirt had a hole in it! So I had to change my clothes.


I searched through the rest of my clothes, and I found a red print t-shirt, it looked nice, but it was a little dirty, so I threw it in my laundry basket. I finally found a black shirt, and it was clean and in good condition, so I decided to wear that. I looked at the weather report on the TV earlier in the morning, so I knew it would be cold outside, so I needed more clothes.


It was -2ºC outside, so I put on a coat and a beanie, and I also wore a scarf. After that, I was ready to go to the shop, so I went out of my apartment, locked the door, and started walking out of my apartment. It was very cold outside, I was shivering the entire way to the shop. I walked for about 15 minutes, and arrived at Uniqlo.


After searching through the shop for 30 minutes, I still hadn't found any new clothes that I wanted to buy, so I called the shop assistant over to help me, "Excuse me!", he walked over to me and asked me if he could help me, so I asked him for a new t-shirt, "I'm looking for a striped t-shirt" I said. He walked away and after a few minutes he returned with a striped t-shirt, "What do you think about this t-shirt?" he asked.


"But this is a dark orange striped t-shirt!" I said to the shop assistant. He was quick to reply "But, dark orange t-shirts are very popular this month!" I don't own many popular clothes, so I decided to buy the t-shirt. But then I realised the price-tag on the t-shirt, and asked "Excuse me, how much does this t-shirt cost?"

The shop assistant paused...













水  10:00~21:00

木  10:00~19:00

金  12:00~19:00

土  10:00~17:00

日  11:00~13:00


定休日 毎週月曜日 


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