〜 Mark's English Storytelling 〜

〜 Mark's English Storytelling 〜



Hello everyone!

I am going to write English stories for you once per week with some interesting Vocabulary and Grammar, it's like a small lesson that you can try at home!

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I hope you enjoy this week's story! Please leave a comment if you have questions about any vocabulary or grammar!!

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- Too expensive.


I waited for the shop assistant to answer, and he said "That t-shirt costs ¥50,000" I was shocked! I had to repeat "¥50,000! That's very very very very expensive!!!" He looked confused and replied "That's right, but this was Michael Jackson's t-shirt" .


I was shocked, so I said to the shop assistant "I can't afford that, and I don't really like Michael Jackson" He looked a little confused, and realised his mistake, "I'm sorry, I will get a new one!" he said while running off into the back of the shop. I decided to look around the shop by myself while I waited for him to come back.


I found a cheap green t-shirt so I took the t-shirt and placed it in my shopping-basket. I started walking towards the register so I could buy the t-shirt. "What do you think about this t-shirt?" I heard from behind me. The shop assistant had returned with another t-shirt, so I told him "Thank you, but I have already found a t-shirt that I like", he nodded and walked back to the back of the shop.


After he left, I placed my shopping basket on the counter and the counter-staff took the green t-shirt out of the shopping-basket, scanned it's barcode and read the price out to me "¥108 please" I paid using a ¥1000 note so she gave me ¥882 in change back, and then she handed me the receipt.


"Thank you, please come again" she said while handing me a plastic bag with my new t-shirt in it. I started walking home and while I was walking; I thought about some recent events. So I decided to write about some of those events in my diary when I got home.


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    Tom (木曜日, 18 2月 2016 21:51)

    Just ¥108 is too cheap!
    I think it was made from used paper...
    It will melt away if it got wet.













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