Discussion week 43 - Friday the 4th and Sunday the 7th of March

 - Discussion Week 43 -


- Friday the 4th of March

 - Drugs? Not even once - 

In asia, traditional medicine (also known as alternative medicine) is very popular.

In Western culture, a type of alternative medicine called 'Homeopathy' is practiced by some people.

These forms of medicine are most commonly not based on any kind of scientific tests or proof, and may not have any positive effects other than a placebo effect.

Do you think these kinds of treatments are dangerous for people?

For example, if you were to treat a cancer patient with alternative medicine that had no real effect, that person would surely die of the cancer that is not being treated.

On top of all of that, many different kinds of alternative medicine require parts of rare and/or endangered animals, and this market helps to fuel the poachers that try to kill these animals.

Also, if you don't know about homeopathy, to explain it in short; it's the idea that you can treat illnesses by diluting a substance so far that there isn't even a single molecule of the active ingredient left, and calling it medicine.


Lets talk about that.


- Sunday the 7th of March

 - Why does the debate continue? - 

Even now, there is still debate in Asia on two very delicate topics; Comfort Women, and The Nanking Massacre.

What is the general thought of Japanese people when it comes to these two topics?

Even as recently as 2014, a Japanese politician has said that the Nanking Massacre didn't happen. Also, recently the Japanese government decided to pay a very very large sum of money to the surviving comfort women.

Why are both of these topics still being debated?

Wouldn't it be better to finally settle the truth of both of these topics to the world, so everyone can get past these topics and move on to more important matters?

Who do you think should take responsibility for these events?


Lets talk about that?













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