Discussion week 46 - Friday the 25th and Sunday the 27th of March

 - Discussion Week 46 -


- Friday the 25th of March

 - Another Hostage, Another Ransom - 

If you didn't already know, there seems to be another Japanese hostage somewhere possibly in Syria, or some similar war zone.

He is a Japanese journalist, but so far, unlike the previous hostages, he seems to be being treated well.


What do you think should be done in this case? How about in the previous cases?

Should Japanese people, including journalists just stay away from war zones?

Or is news from those places from a Japanese person's perspective important?


Lets talk about that


- Sunday the 27th of March

 - North Korea... again.... - 

So.... our old neighbour, North Korea, has really not calmed at all down since the last time we talked about them in January, and have been launching missiles into the sea.

They've claimed they will destroy South Korea and/or the USA with nuclear weaponry.

They've made more threats after the recent joint USA-South Korea military drills that were performed in South Korea.


Do you think war is going to start?

Or is North Korea still just saying things that they will never truly do?

Should Japan start preparing for defensive or possibly offensive action if North Korea does actually start fighting?

What do you think is the probable outcome if war does start?

Do you think it could lead to WW3?


Lets talk about that.




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