〜 Mark's English Storytelling 〜

〜 Mark's English Storytelling 〜



Hello everyone!

Sorry I am late writing my stories! I have been quite busy recently!

Welcome to the new semester at 英!英!GO!!


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I hope you enjoy this week's story! Please leave a comment if you have questions about any vocabulary or grammar!!

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- Memories.


As I looked through my photo album, I noticed that I met a lot of new people throughout the last year, I had to introduce myself many times and talk about all different sizes of things, places, where I live, and so many interesting topics that I realised I had a really great year.


Spring had come so I also felt like it was time to start something new. I want to try something more difficult than last year, I think I learned a lot last year, so I can probably try a higher level when I practice my hobby this year. My hobby is Japanese Mahjong, and so I want to play against stronger opponents this year. 


I put away my photos, and started to make plans for this year, I will introduce myself better, use better grammar, and listen better when I speak Japanese to people, and of course, I will discuss my strategies for playing Mahjong! After planning all of these things I felt a little tired so I went to sleep for the night.


I slept for only 5 hours, but I woke up again feeling refreshed, and ready to start all the new things I had planned. I got out of bed, took a shower, got dressed, and ate my breakfast. I got ready to go to work, but just before I walked out of my front door, I realised I had forgotten my wallet!! I ran back into my house to get my wallet, but I couldn't find it...


I searched for 15 minutes before I finally found it under my couch! I looked at the clock and yelled "I'm going to be late!!!!!", I ran outside, locked the door, unlocked my bicycle, and sped as fast as I could to get to work on time! I was lucky though, all of the traffic lights were green when I got to them, so I was able to ride my bicycle very fast.


I arrived at my work, and I checked the clock... I was on time! I prepared my work for the day, and started working, and around 12:30pm, it was time for my lunch break. I checked my backpack but....













水  10:00~21:00

木  10:00~19:00

金  12:00~19:00

土  10:00~18:00

日  10:00~13:00


定休日 毎週月曜日 


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