Discussion week 3 - Sunday the 17th and Friday the 22nd of April

 - Discussion Week 3 -


- Sunday the 17th of March

 - Lacking English - 

So according to recent results from high schools, only around 1/3rd of 3rd-year high school students have achieved a "pre-2" grade in the Eiken test.

The government's goal is to have 50% of students at this level at the time of graduation. 

Why do you think that only 1/3rd Japanese high school students are able to reach this level?

Is the education system in Japan flawed when it comes to English study?


Lets talk about that


- Friday the 22nd of March

 - Japanese people are polite - 

This is a little bit of a strange thing to start with, but in the new recently a specific video has shown up from a company that is famous all over Japan.

The company that makes Garigari-kun ice-cream/blocks has released a video apologising for a 10 yen price increase.

Now companies apologising and being overly polite is not the only aspect of this, however, Japanese people in general bow to other people many many times a day, also the phrases 'Excuse me' and 'Sorry' are used many many times daily in Japanese society.

Also thanking people happens all the time too!

When you buy goods or services in shops, often the clerk will follow you to the exit to thank you again for the 'x'th time since you purchased the goods or services as you leave.


Why are Japanese people so polite?

Are the words still sincere even if they are used so often? 



Lets talk about that.




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