Discussion week 4 - Sunday the 24th and Friday the 29th of April

 - Discussion Week 4 -


- Sunday the 24th of March

 - The Senkakus - 

Japan recently sent 12 coat guard ships to patrol the Senkaku islands.

China constantly warns Japan that the islands belong to them, and even Taiwan claims control over those islands.

Who do they really belong to?


China has even claimed that they belong to China since ancient times!

What do you think about those islands?

Are they important to Japan?

If China controls them, what could that mean for Japan?

If Taiwan controls them. what could that mean for Japan?


Lets talk about that


- Friday the 29th of March

 - Immunization - 

 All around the world, there are people these days that don't immunize their children out of fear of adverse side effects.

Each and every time these so-called side effects have been called into question there has been no scientific or clinical proof that has connected vaccines to most of the side effects that anti-vaccination groups claim.

Things such as autism or other mental illnesses have been incorrectly connected to vaccination, and because of this, there have been outbreaks of (sometimes deadly) diseases that have not been a big problem for many years, purely because people believe something that has no scientific basis.


What is happening all over the world that is causing people to believe that these side effects could affect their children?

Why are people making the choice of allowing their children to stay vulnerable to horrible diseases? 


Lets talk about that.




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