Discussion week 5 - Friday the 6th and Sunday the 8th of May

 - Discussion Week 5 -


- Friday the 6th of May

 - Whaling - 

Japan is one of the last nations in the world to insist on continuing with a whaling program.


Do you think Japan needs whale meat these days anymore?

I know it's traditional, and Japan has been whaling for many many years, but even so, If over-fishing causes some whales to go extinct, what will Japan do then?

What do you think is right or wrong, should Japan continue it's whaling program?


Lets talk about that


- Sunday the 8th of May

 - Censorship - 

A short while ago, you might have heard about a female Japanese artist who created a kayak in the shape of her own genitals. Censorship in Japan dictates that genitals can not be produced or distributed via media/art in Japan.

So theres a legal battle going on as the artist claims that her kayak is an artwork, and not a kind of pornographic material.

Why is this kind of censorship so strongly enforced in Japan, and furthermore, why does it exist at all?

In western countries we have art that depicts genitals, a very famous example is the Statue of David. Why is that O.K? But In Japan it is not?

Also in Japan, there is a penis Festival why is that considered acceptable?


Lets talk about that.




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