Discussion week 6 - Friday the 13th and Sunday the 15th of May

 - Discussion Week 6 -


- Friday the 13th of May

 - Fukushima - 

Recently, we talked about the earthquake that happened 5 years ago.

Even now, the damaged nuclear reactor comes up in the news very often.

Apparently, even the 'ice walls' that should have been keeping the contaminated water from leaking, is not actually water-tight.

Will the nuclear reactor ever be fixed?

What effects from the meltdown still exist now?

How long will it take till the residents of that area are able to live there again, and what is being done for them now?


Lets talk about that


- Sunday the 15th of May

 - Drones/Privacy - 

In the news for the last couple of years, Drones have been appearing more and more, with all kinds of uses and applications.

Mostly though, they have cameras attached and are able to take photos or video that you would normally need a helicopter for.

But of course, this also means that they can take videos and photos of things and places that you normally would want to keep private.


What do you think about Drones and other upcoming technology?

I also recently saw a coat hook in the news. Wait, why did I mention a coat hook?Because the coat hook actually contained a camera, and was placed in a women's bathroom. Cameras and other small devices are so compact and so easy to hide these days, are you worried about being watched?

Link to the coat hook camera article: http://en.rocketnews24.com/2016/04/30/tweet-about-hidden-camera-hooks-in-japanese-restrooms-sparks-anger-online/


Lets talk about that.


In class with Hohua!


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