Discussion week 7 - Friday the 20th and Sunday the 22nd of May

 - Discussion Week 7 -


- Friday the 20th of May

 - Homosexuality in Japan - 

As for David's for self-selected topic, Homosexuality in Japan is not very open or completely accepted in Japan yet.


What is Japan's view on Homosexuality?

What is YOUR view on Homosexuality?

Does Japan need to change it's views and/or laws?

Should Gay Marriage be made legal in Japan?  

What do you think about the idea of children being raised by a homosexual couple?


Lets talk about that


- Sunday the 22nd of May

 - G-7 and the planned Ise Shrine Tour - 

In the news recently, it has been revealed that there will be a tour of the Ise Grand Shrine. Abe  will be joined by world leaders from The US, England, France, Canada, Germany and Italy.

Some think that this is a good idea, and that the fact that world leaders will visit this area could help boost tourism, however, other people think the tour, may also include an area of the shrine that is not usually open to the public, which may seem like religion is being brought into politics. If this is true, Article 20 of the Constitution states, "The state is prohibited from granting privileges or political authority to a religion..."


Do you think this tour is a bad idea?

Do you think having so many world leaders in one place is a wise idea?

Could it add an extra incentive for our neighbours North Korea to consider doing something very silly(attack)?


Lets talk about that.


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