Discussion week 10 - Friday the 10th and Sunday the 12th of June

 - Discussion Week 10 -


- Friday the 10th of June

 - Veterans in Japan - 

How does Japan treat it's war veterans?


The U.S.A. has a lot of problems with war veterans becoming unemployed, homeless, depressed, and even committing suicide because they can't easily get the help they need after being in real war situations.


Did Japan have any issues with war veterans after WW2?

I know Japan hasn't participated in war for many years now, however.


Are there any surviving war veterans in Japan?

How do the general public of Japan view Japanese WW2 veterans?


Let's talk about that.


- Sunday the 12th of June

 - Mental Disabilities in Japan - 

What do Japanese people do with their mentally disabled citizens?


In many countries, there are many different ways people treat their mentally disabled citizens. I the past there were many barbaric ways in which people thought they could cure certain mental illnesses, such as electric shocks and lobotomies.


In some countries now people try to give those with disabilities the best possible quality of life that they can, but some would argue that it is a waste of money or that the disabled people will never have a truly good quality of life in comparison to regular people, what do you think about that?


These days its also possible to test if an unborn foetus will be born with certain mental illnesses, and many people choose to abort those children as they don't think the child will have a good quality of life, do you think that is a bad idea or a good idea?


What do you think should be done with mentally disabled people?


Lets talk about that.













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