Discussion week 11 - Friday the 17th and Sunday the 19th of June

 - Discussion Week 11 -


- Friday the 17th of June

 - Job Hunting - 

So apparently, job hunting in Japan is very difficult, and many young people have a difficult time when searching for jobs or trying to get into a field in which they wish to work, or in which they studied for.


Why is it so difficult to get a good job in Japan?

How many people are able to keep the same job for the rest of their lives in Japan?

Is there a job-hopping culture in Japan?

How many people stay home and continue their family's business? Is that common?

Is there a gender bias when job hunting?


Let's talk about that.


- Sunday the 19th of June

 - Sexual Harassment in Japan - 

It seems that sexual harassment and perverts in Japan is a big problem.


It's in the very least, bad enough that if you buy a device with a camera function, you are unable to disable the shutter sound, so if you take a photo people will definitely hear it.  

Also, in trains there are notices to remind everyone that sexual assault/molestation is a crime! In other countries we don't need to be reminded of that. 


What has caused this kind of harassment culture to exist in Japan?

Are all of these warnings and preventative measures excessive, or are they justified?

Is it worse in workplaces, or in public?

Why does this seem to exist more in Japan than in other countries?


Lets talk about that.


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