Discussion week 12 - Friday the 24th and Sunday the 26th of June

 - Discussion Week 12 -


- Friday the 24th of June

 - Criminals and Media Coverage of Major Crimes - 

As you may know, recently there was another few terrorist attacks in different parts of the world, such as the shooting in the American gay-bar, or the stabbing of a police officer and his wife in France. These are terrible crimes, and the criminals were both killed in these attacks. But was the media coverage of these crimes really such a good idea? 

The criminals in both of these cases did this to make a statement to the world, they both expected to die after doing these horrible crimes, and thanks to the media coverage, everyone knows who the criminals were, and what they did, their motivation, and their loyalties.

This is exactly what they wanted. They wanted everyone in the world to see this, to feel some kind of fear that this could happen again.

Should major media really send this out all over the world, should it be major news?


Just for clarification, this does not mean the victims of these crimes should not be focused on, but rather that the criminal should not show up in media.


Let's talk about that.


- Sunday the 26th of June

 - Video Game Violence - 

So, these days, when something violent happens, there are often a lot of different reasons or possible motives.

One big one that has come up multiple times, is that violent video games have a big impact on children/young people, and that they are able to cause young people to want to be violent in real life.


Do you think this is true? Why, Why not?


Why do you think this has been attributed to video games, when there have been violent movies for longer than there have been violent video games?


Also, almost every country has the same violent video games as every other, so why do you think that the rate of violent crimes isn't as high in some countries, even though these video games are available?


Do you think those who do violent and terrible things are always going to be that way, even if they are not exposed to such mediums as video games or movies?


Lets talk about that.













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