Discussion week 13 - Friday the 1st and Sunday the 3rd of July

 - Discussion Week 13 -


- Friday the 1st of July

 - BREXIT - 

Britain has finished voting! They have decided to leave the European Union.


Part of the reason for this, is because the English felt like the European Union were controlling too much of what Britain had to do as a country, rather than the government of Britain making it's own choices.


Do you think they have made a good decision by deciding to leave?

Do you think the EU may be too overpowering with their decisions?


Will their decision to leave have an effect on Japan in the coming future, or will Japan not be affected at all?


Do you think European countries need to regain their borders?

Currently, if you travel through Europe, you can travel between any European Union country without customs checks, or passport checks or any kind of border control.

(Of course, arriving from outside of the EU will require those checks)


Are the rules for entering european countries too relaxed? 


Let's talk about that.


- Sunday the 3rd of July

 - Euthanasia - 

This is a very sensitive topic, but I think you will be able to discuss it at length.

What is your opinion on Euthanasia?

In some countries, under certain circumstances, euthanasia is legal.

What circumstances do you think are acceptable in order to allow euthanasia to be deemed ok?

In other countries, where euthanasia is illegal, people often ask someone to help them with something called "assisted suicide", now this is also illegal, and people have gone to prison for this.

If you think euthanasia is bad, what do you think about the idea that people actually do attempt assisted suicide when they feel they need/want to die.


If euthanasia is ok, and someone requests it, what kinds of checks/requirements do you think would be necessary in order to prevent misuse?


Lets talk about that.


In class with Hohua!


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