Discussion week 15 - Friday the 15th and Sunday the 17th of July

 - Discussion Week 15 -


- Friday the 15th of July

 - Genetic Engineering - 


So Genetic Engineering technology has been advancing continuously for a long time, do you think genetically engineered plants and animals are a good idea to produce?


Genetically modified plants and animals can produce products (food/oil/etc.) in increased amounts compared to regular plants and animals. Also, this technology is a gateway to cloning, which could in theory help produce a lot of animals easier than traditional reproduction, which could help lands stricken with poverty.

Even though this all sounds very good, there are also a lot of issues with genetic engineering and cloning that could be concerning, such as certain strains of plant taking over areas because they are stronger, causing other plants to die.


Of course, there are also two more pressing issues, such as all of the tests and trials  that have to be done on animals which could be painful, and the animals might suffer because of it, and when do we decide to stop? How many modifications are too many?  

But possibly the biggest issue is genetically engineering humans, or cloning humans.

What do you think about Genetically engineering humans, or cloning humans?

There are definitely good points and bad points to this idea.


Let's talk about that.


- Sunday the 17th of July

 - Japan's Test-Score Culture - 

Japan has a special kind of culture, and part of it is that Japanese people value test scores rather than actual skill/ability.

Even someone very skilled at what job they do may not get hired at a job which they would be incredibly  good at, if they haven't got the correct diplomas or a high enough score on certain tests.

While I understand the need for people to be educated, should someone's ability to remember Japanese History(for example), be part of what's required for them to become a mechanic(for example)?


This is also part of the reason that immigration to Japan is so difficult for most people, as having a certain degree, or diploma is required in order to be able to get a visa to stay in Japan.

Is the system too harsh?


Lets talk about that.













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