Mark In New Zealand! Part 2!

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Part 2




Hi again everyone!

If you follow this story together with the photos, it will be easier to understand what is in the photos!

So I went back to my hometown! I grew up in a town called Waiuku. There is a small harbor in Waiuku near the Tamaki Reserve. (Tamaki is a Maori name)

Near the Tamaki Reserve there is a Maori statue.

There is also a weather forecasting stone near the harbor.

The tide was out at the time I was there.

In the distance, I could see the Steel Mill (It is the only factory in New Zealand that produces steel)

I walked up to the lookout and took a panorama photo of the entire reserve and in the town I could see the Kentish Hotel.

The Kentish Hotel is New Zealand's longest running hotel!

A few years ago the Portside Bar was added too.

The main street of Waiuku has a town clock in the center.

There is even a Sushi shop in Waiuku!

The video rental shop, United Video, is where I worked when I was younger!

The supermarket here, New World, is very new! It was only built a few years ago.

In the supermarket, they even have a Japanese-product section!!


I will go up to the big city tomorrow, and I will take some amazing and special photos there, please look forward to my next blog post!!


If you have any questions for Mark while he's in New Zealand, please leave a comment on the blog, or tell Atsumi at Eieigo and I will answer your question on my next blog post!


Thanks for reading!


- Mark












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