Mark In New Zealand! Part 3!

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Part 3




Hey everyone here is part 3 of my New Zealand trip!

If you follow this story together with the photos, it will be easier to understand what is in the photos!!


If you can remember last week's blog, I said I would go to the big city and take some amazing and special photos!

So here are my photos of my visit to the Sky Tower in Auckland City.


I went to Auckland city, and from a very far distance, you can see the Sky Tower.

I walked closer to the sky tower, and on my way closer to the Sky Tower, I saw some Japanese Restaurants!!

I also saw something called the Sky Screamer, it is a small cage with seats inside that launches into the sky very fast! It's like a slingshot!

After walking a little further, I finally got to the Sky Tower.

It is very tall, it is about 3x taller than Kyoto Tower!

There are a few activities that you can do at the Sky Tower, including the Sky Walk, and the Sky Jump.

I only went up to the viewing platforms though.

From the view platforms, you can see very far out over the city and over the harbor, it's a beautiful sight!

There are 2 viewing platforms, one is on level 51, and there is a higher viewing platform on level 60! I looked out over the city from both of the platforms.

There are areas in the viewing platforms that allow you to stand on glass which is on the 51st level. That's 186 meters high!

the glass is very very strong though, so you can stand on it and even jump on it!

I walked on the glass.

In 2 photos, you can see people walking around on the outside of the tower, that is the Sky Walk activity. It is a little expensive, but you are able to walk outside on a kind of maintenance walkway outside of the tower!

In a few of the photos looking down, you can see a red platform. This is for the Sky Jump activity. It is very expensive, but you can jump from the top of the Sky Tower and fly down to the ground!

The 4th-to-last photo shows someone standing on the red platform, they had just landed down there! They jump down so fast that I couldn't get a clear photo of them falling!!

The 3rd-to-last photo shows the platform from the ground, and you can even see the steel wires that the jumpers use to jump safely to the ground.

The last two photos show a small pamphlet about the Sky Tower, I will bring some pamphlets about the Sky Tower, and some other famous places in New Zealand back to Japan with me, so you can read them if you would like to!!


If you have any questions for Mark while he's in New Zealand, please leave a comment on the blog, or tell Atsumi at Eieigo and I will answer your question on my next blog post!


Thanks for reading!


- Mark












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