Discussion week 17 - Friday the 5th and Sunday the 7th of August

 - Discussion Week 17 -


- Friday the 5th of August

 - UK has a new Prime Minister - 

On Wednesday the 13th of July, Theresa May was sworn in as Britain's new Prime Minister. She is the head of the conservative party, which was the party trying to keep the UK in the EU.


Furthermore, she is the first female Prime Minister since 1990. Do you think The United Kingdom will be able to steer it's way on to a good course after the major political decisions that have been made, and do you think their new Prime Minister is up to the task considering she was part of the Bremain group during the Brexit vote, and now she has to be the spearhead of the Brexit campaign.


Furthermore the new Prime Minister has opened herself to discussion with Scotland, about Scotland's EU proposals. Do you think that if Scotland leaves the United Kingdom it will be a big mistake for Scotland?


Do you think the EU will accept Scotland if they manage to separate from The United Kingdom?



What do you think is the best course of action for The UK now?


Let's talk about that.


- Sunday the 7th of August

 - The Emperor - 

At the beginning of this year, we talked about the Emperor of Japan, and whether having a royal family in any country is even worth having anymore.

At that time many of the students were in favor of having an Emperor.

It seems now though, that the Emperor of Japan may be getting ready for retirement, or in correct terms; he may want to abdicate. 

However, abdication hasn't happened in Japan since 1817.

Is it possible to even abdicate?

At the same time, there seems to be talk of the possibility of a female successor being acceptable.


What do you think about the Emperor?


Do you think it would be acceptable for there to be an Empress as successor to the throne of the Emperor?


Should the Emperor step down because of his age?


Let's talk about that.













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