Mark In New Zealand! Part 4!

There's a blog below the pictures with a story explaining everything in the pictures!

Please check it out! It's good English reading and vocabulary practice!

-- -- Mark in New Zealand --

Part 3




Hey everyone here is the final part of my New Zealand trip!

If you follow this story together with the photos, it will be easier to understand what is in the photos!!


I stayed at my brother's house for a short while, during my stay in New Zealand.

His cat is a little crazy, and likes to sit in boxes.

I started feeling a little homesick for Japan, and missing my friends and students!

So I went to the airport in Auckland.

The New Zealand airline is called "Air New Zealand" and most of that company's airplanes are painted with a large black and white fern.

Inside the airport were some paintings that are very traditional New Zealand style paintings.

The left-most painting shows various native New Zealand birds.

The next painting depicts many shapes and patterns from Maori culture.

The next painting is a typical New Zealand landscape.

And the last painting is the shape of New Zealand.

After looking around in the airport, I decided to get in an airplane and fly somewhere...

But where did I fly to?


Is that... Fushimi?!?!!

Oh look! Mark has been playing the new Pokemon Go! app-game!

It was released in New Zealand already 4 weeks ago! If you like that app, you can talk about it with me!

And here is an English learning tip, if you noticed the app game photos above, you will see that they are in Japanese!

My smartphone settings are set to Japanese only, and it helps me with learning Japanese!

If you want to challenge yourself with your English, change something that you use every day to English only. Even something small, like reading the news in English only(if you read the news every day), or change a game on your smartphone to English only, or for an even more difficult challenge; change all of your smartphone to English!


Thanks for reading! I will see you all soon!!


- Mark












水  10:00~21:00

木  10:00~19:00

金  12:00~19:00

土  10:00~18:00

日  10:00~13:00


定休日 毎週月曜日 





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