Discussion week 18 - Friday the 19th and Sunday the 21st of August

 - Discussion Week 18 -


- Friday the 19th of August

 - Child Care / Nurseries - 


Why are there not enough child-care centers/nurseries in Japan?

Is this connected to a form of sexism in Japans society?

Furthermore, the world  is becoming more progressive towards women's ability to do what they want to, so why are there still shortages of nurseries?

Is this only an issue in Japan?

Shouldn't there be a large amount of nurseries and child care centers being built now?

In Tokyo, the amount of children on waiting lists to get into child care services has reached over 8000!

What is being done to solve this issue, and why is it taking so long to be fixed?

Do you think that women should just become stay-at-home mothers after they have a child, and with such, there wouldn't be a need for child care services?


Let's talk about that.


- Sunday the 21st of August

 - Pokemon GO - 


I'm sure you've all heard about it, and many of you may even play this game.

But I'm also sure you've heard the bad news that has come with this new sensation.

People have been mugged, robbed, attacked and beaten by criminals using the app to lure people towards them.

People have fallen off cliffs, fallen into lakes, and crashed their cars playing this game.

This game has changed the entire world around us, people who have never even been interested in the Pokemon franchise are now deeply stuck into this game.

Of course there are some good things that come along with this app too, as this is a part of a very large franchise, there are a lot of dedicated fans who, up until now, would play the Pokemon games at home, barely moving, or barely leaving the house(we've discusses Otaku before). But with this app, people are outside, walking, exercising! This is definitely a good thing.. .right?


Is this game going to change the society even more than it has so far?

Is this app good or bad?

Are there any positive effects that can come from this app?

Let's talk about that.













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