Discussion week 19 - Friday the 26th and Sunday the 28th of August

 - Discussion Week 19 -


- Friday the 26th of August

 - The Olympic Corruption - 


If you have been following the Olympic Games in Rio, you may have heard of some form of corruption going on in the judging and drug-testing processes.

The mens boxing is wrapped in scandal in where the Irish boxer, who seemingly unscathed from his matched, was "defeated" by his Russian opponent, while his opponent was so heavily beaten that he had to forfeit his next match.

There has also been issues with a Kazakhstani and a US boxer's match being unfairly judged.

Sportsmen and women that have previously tested positive for doping, have been allowed back in competition, and other competitors are unhappy with the possible issues that may have. Also a few athletes have been caught and sent home for testing positive for doping, so it's not completely bad.


Furthermore, there are other issues in Rio other than the corruption, such as pollution, robberies and other crimes happening to athletes from all over the world. Should Brazil even have been allowed to host the Olympics?


Let's talk about that.


- Sunday the 28th of August

 - The Brazilian Unsportsmanlike Behaviour - 


I know Friday's discussion is also about the Olympics, but there is a lot to talk about when it comes to the current games.

If you have been following the Olympic games, you might have seen images of the French pole-vaulter crying on the podium while receiving his silver medal.

The reason he was so upset, is not because he didn't get gold. The reason he got so upset, is because the Brazilian fans 'booed' him at every attempt to pole-vault, as well as 'booed' him when his face showed on the big screen, and even 'booed' him as he went to the podium to receive his medal.

The reason he was treated in such a manner? "Because he's not the Brazilian Competitor"

He was the champion of the sport, and the favourite to win, and the 2nd best was a Brazilian athlete. So in order to break this man's spirit, and help their own country's athlete win, the fans treated this man like dirt.

The Brazilian fans 'booed' the Spanish Basketball team because they were the favourites in their match against Croatia.

Every Russian athlete has been 'booed' by the Brazilian fans.

They 'booed' the German tennis player after he fell injured in his match.


Why are the Brazilian fans so mean?


Let's talk about that.













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