Discussion week 20 - Friday the 2nd and Sunday the 4th of September

 - Discussion Week 20 -


- Friday the 2nd of September

 - Police - 


If you read, or watch the news about America, Police in America may or may not be people to fear, rather than to trust.

How do you feel about the Japanese police? Do they make you feel safer/at ease?


These days in America, people are divided on how to feel about police, some believe that America is becoming a police state, and that police are focusing on black citizens, and are trigger-happy when they confront a possible suspect for a crime or even just something as simple as pulling someone over for speeding etc.


Why do you think that these two groups of people, the citizens and the police, are growing to distrust and fear each other, when they should be working together?


Let's talk about that.



- Sunday the 4th of September

 - Epipen Price Hike - 



If you haven't seen it in the news recently, I suggest checking it out before the class.


The pharmaceutical company that produces "Epipen"s has raised the price of the product from around $90 to over $400! While the CEO has had an almost 600% salary increase to more than $18million per year. 


The epipen is a medical device for those who are allergic to specific things, and when the person has an allergic reaction, they can use this device to automatically deliver an injection of a medicine(epinephrine) that can counter-act the allergic reaction. This is a lifesaving device.


Do you think this price increase is justified?


Also, if you check out the news from about 1 year ago, there was a similar incident with another drug company that raised the price of an AIDS medication by 5000%!


Please check out these incidents on the internet and lets figure out if this is just corporate greed, or a justified price rise.


Let's talk about that.













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