Discussion week 21 - Friday the 9th and Sunday the 11th of September

 - Discussion Week 21 -


- Friday the 9th of September

 - ALIENS!?!   ... maybe? - 


So before I explain the topic here, please check out the following link:




So, if you've read the article in the link above, you will have read that SETI is investigating a possible extra-terrestrial signal coming from outer space!


Do you think aliens are reaching out? Or is this just something silly and aliens aren't even real? Lets talk about the implications if it's true, and what is the point in making such an announcement if it's possibly a hoax?


Let's talk about that.



- Sunday the 11th of September

 - Elderly Drivers and Road Rage - 


It is commonly said that elderly people cause a lot of accidents and trouble on the roads these days. Is it true though?

I'm not sure about how often the local news in Japan reports traffic accidents, but I know for sure that in New Zealand, the majority of traffic accidents reported in the local news(in the area I lived in) were young people driving like maniacs, speeding, racing each other or just plainly not having enough experience on the road and making a bad decision.


Anyway, at any age, there are definitely times in which driving can be annoying if the other drivers on the road are doing stupid things, driving too slow, not obeying rules, not paying attention and missing the chance to drive or missing a green light. Most people just quietly contain their anger, but there are some people that can't handle it and they just crack. They sometimes do all kinds of crazy things including but not limited to: Abuse, Assault, Delay Traffic, and even causing damage to other peoples cars. This is called Road Rage.

Does this happen in Japan too? If so, how does Japan deal with this kind of person?

Have you seen or heard this happen? How does it compare to road rage in foreign countries?


Let's talk about that.













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