Discussion week 23 - Friday the 23rd and Sunday the 25th of September

 - Discussion Week 23 -


- Friday the 23rd of September

 - English Globalisation - 


Currently, the world has decided to use English in almost every country. For travelling, tourists learn english phrases to help them get by. Most countries have compulsory English education in schools. Even in Japan the Ministry of Education, as well as the General Public want to improve English education in Japan.


But should English be the world-language? It's not the easiest language to learn and it has so many variations and accents that it doesn't seem like the best choice.


Why not Japanese? Why not Chinese? Why not Russian? Why not German?


Let's talk about that.



- Sunday the 25th of September

 - Body Modification  - 


What do you think about Body Modification?

This means cosmetic surgery, tattoos, piercings and all kinds of things that change ones appearance either semi-permanently or permanently.


In some cases, for example breast cancer patients who have had a mastectomy, could have fake breasts implanted to replace those that were removed, or in a man's case they could have a nipple tattooed on.

This is just one example of the good side of plastic surgery or tattoos, they can help bring back confidence to those who have felt the side-effects of bad illnesses or body-damaging accidents.


However in Japan, people with tattoos may seem slightly scary or may be associated with gangs, while the western image of tattoos is that they are something that cool people have.

Also cosmetic surgery is seen as something that people who want to look like they are younger or more attractive, will do.

And piercings (other than ear piercings) are seen as something that punks or strange people might have.


What is your view on all of these things, and what do you think Japanese people's general view on these things is?


Let's talk about that.













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