Discussion week 24 - Friday the 7th and Sunday the 9th of October

 - Discussion Week 24 -


- Friday the 7th of October

 - Piracy - 


These days, with the internet as accessible as it is, downloading whatever data you want to have is getting easier and easier.

But a lot of people illegally download music and movies, and according to the film and music industries, they lose a lot of profits because of it.

But even so, they still make many millions of dollars in sales.


Is film and music piracy really all that bad?

Is data piracy really going to cut a lot of profits out of the businesses that produce it?

Who does this really harm?


Let's talk about that.



- Sunday the 9th of October

 - What is indecent?  - 


These days in western culture at least, people are getting more and more sensitive to things that they feel might make others feel uncomfortable.


And even though breast-feeding is natural and required for babies to grow, people are telling mothers who breast-feed in public to cover up, or to go to a restroom to do it.

Many people feel that this is some kind of indecent exposure.


But at what point is something as natural and normal as breast-feeding indecent?

Are those who get upset at mothers doing this in public just over-reacting?


Adding to this, there are people on a more extreme side of the debate, who feel that because men can expose their chest in public (at the beach for example) that women deserve the same right, and should be allowed to expose their chests without it being seen as indecent exposure.

What do you think about this all, and how to Japanese people generally feel about this kind of exposure?


Let's talk about that.













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