Discussion week 25 - Friday the 14th and Sunday the 16th of October

 - Discussion Week 25 -


- Friday the 14th of October

 - Is it really 'good' that people are rejecting gender-roles these days? - 


These days, people are able to do whatever they want to do, regardless of gender. If you want to be a male nurse, or a female coal miner, it's absolutely acceptable. Even in other roles such as housewives and house husbands are both fine now, and women bringing in the sole income for the family is also ok.

Raising kids is being seen as a job for either gender too.

When we talk about rights, this is a great thing for equality.

But when we talk about functionality, and whether or not reversing or rejecting gender-roles is truly good or bad, there may be more to it than just rights.


It's of course, not only work, but all kinds of roles, including the traditional roles of getting married and having kids, and settling down.


What do you think about these things, are they good or bad?



Let's talk about that.



- Sunday the 16th of October

 - PTSD  - 


PTSD; Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, is a disorder that is common in men and women who have been in war/battle situations. It causes them extreme mental discomfort and stress, even leading to a lot of suicides in those who get it.


However, these days, people are claiming to have PTSD for much lesser issues, and in doing so demean the severity of true sufferers of this disorder.


There is a case in which a woman has claimed to have PTSD after being bullied at school, and while bullying can be distressing, it can be dealt with and gotten past.

Those who experience wartime atrocities such as seeing members of their military unit being killed or tortured, have a lot of difficultly(or it may even be impossible to) seeing past that event and continue to see that horrible image for the rest of their lives.

Those in the military that end up with PTSD end up in shock at the sounds of loud bangs, such as fireworks or even a car back-firing as it brings them back to their memories of death and destruction in warzones that they experienced.


What do you know about PTSD, and should people stop self-diagnosing themselves with it, as those who truly suffer from it may be treated as if their condition is not severe?



Let's talk about that.













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