Discussion week 26 - Friday the 21st and Sunday the 23rd of October

 - Discussion Week 26 -


- Friday the 21st of October

 - Child Custody - 


Continuing from last weeks topic of gender-roles and gender differences, I want to talk about child custody.

As a society we seem ready to reject gender-roles and that was also reflected in your discussion on Friday last week. However, when it comes to child custody, we are still very stuck into the idea that women are better at raising children than men. When we look at how often men are able to get custody of children in a divorce, it's not nearly as often as women do.

Furthermore, men are always required by law to pay child support. Missing a single payment can mean big criminal trouble for the man.

Women seem to have much less strict rules for making child support payments.

On top of that, once women have custody, it is often easy to get a court to agree to cut the father out of the child's life completely, while still forcing him to pay child support payments.


Why, if we are ready to drop other gender biases, are we not able to bring equality to this important point? 


Let's talk about that.



- Sunday the 23rd of October

 - Net Based Services (Uber/Air B&B)  - 


There are net based services these days for almost everything, you can get your groceries delivered to your house, with just a few clicks of a button.

However! These days there are other services that are being both praised and criticised. Such as Air B&B and Uber/Lyft. These services allow private property owners or vehicle owners to earn a little money by operating like a hotel/lodge, or as a taxi service.

This seems like a really good idea, however, real taxi drivers who have to go through special checks and tests in order to become certified are losing potential customers to possibly cheaper or more comfortable Uber drivers.

While hotels that spend ridiculous sums of money to build, supply and staff their business, are losing out on potential customers to private houses in which people possibly pay less for bigger, more private living spaces.

Are these services really good? Or are they killing the real taxi/hotel businesses?

Have you used these services? Would you prefer a real taxi driver, or an Uber driver?


Let's talk about that.













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