Discussion week 31 - Friday the 25th and Sunday the 27th of November

 - Discussion Week 31 -


- Friday the 25th of November

 - Polyamory/Polygamy, is it bad? - 



Polyamory is the act of having multiple sexual/romantic partners. Though, not married partners. In polyamorous relationship (a.k.a. an open relationship) the participants all agree and consent to their partner having more partners.


Polygamy is almost the same as polyamory, however it means the participants are married to each other, still having multiple wives/husbands.

Is this really a bad thing? What kinds of issues can polyamory or polygamy have?

Do you think you would be able to handle a polyamorous/polygamous relationship?


Let's talk about that. 



- Sunday the 27th of November

 - Punishing Children - 


These days, people are told not to spank children, or hit children, even when they do bad things. When I was younger, my parents would spank me if I did something bad, and continued disobedience sometimes, would have them hit my buttocks with a wooden spoon.

This may seem harsh, but it worked. I didn't disobey those rules anymore. Sure, I may have broken other rules in the future, but 99% of rules in which I was punished in such a way, were never broken again.


While I do agree severe hitting is too much, should punishments such as spanking be abolished? What kinds of punishments are too much and what kind are just right?

Should parents that spank their child be fined or jailed?

Or are people acting too sensitive these days?



Let's talk about that.


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    'Why Polyamory Won't Work For You'


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