Discussion Week 34 - Friday the 16th and Sunday the 18th of December

 - Discussion Week 34 -


- Friday the 16th of December

 - Cultural Relativism 


In some countries if someone commits a crime, they may receive corporal or even capital punishment. While in other countries this kind of punishment is seen as barbaric. In some countries, women are required to cover their bodies from head to toe when they leave the house, while in other countries this is seen as restricting or a breach of rights.

But is it fair to tell other countries and other cultures that the way in which they are living, punishing, or dealing out rights, is wrong?

In the past in Japan, some people would have to commit suicide if they were brought to shame in some form or another, while other countries at the time thought this terrible! Would it have been ok for other countries/cultures to have said to Japan "Don't do that!".

Is something acceptable because it is part of a certain culture, and in the same sense should that thing be accepted in other countries if the person doing it is from a culture that does accepts it.



Let's talk about that.


- Sunday the 18th of December

 - Why are Japanese people socially introverted(shy) around foreigners? - 



Why are Japanese people GENERALLY shy around foreigners, and even around other Japanese people sometimes! Compared to a lot of foreigners, Japanese tend to try to keep to themselves as much as possible. Why is body contact(e.g. a handshake) so awkward for Japanese? Why don't Japanese people think it's ok to hug in public?

Where does the social awkwardness come from?

Why do Japanese English-speakers/students end up being less introverted(compared to regular Japanese people)?


Let's talk about that.













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