Discussion Week 35 - Friday the 6th and Sunday the 8th of January

 - Discussion Week 34 -


- Friday the 6th of January

- SNS Stalking is now Illegal in Japan 


Stalking in general has always been illegal when it reaches a certain level. Most times this is counter-acted by restraining orders, or in more extreme cases, by moving to a new house, getting a new phone number etc.

SNS stalking has been more difficult to police as being online allows users to have a certain level of anonymity.


Do you think online-stalking is, or has been a big problem in Japan?

What causes it to be a problem in Japan in the first place?


Is it really so bad now that a law is needed to prevent this? 


( Here is a link to an article about the new law https://www.japantoday.com/category/crime/view/online-stalking-using-sns-becomes-illegal-in-japan )

Let's talk about that.

- Sunday the 8th of January

 - Is this the school's or the parent's fault? - 


Please check out this link about something that happened in Japan recently:




This quote in particular is the focus of this discussion:


"The suit claims the high school failed to consider the students’ physical condition prior to the race and neglected to employ appropriate measures by failing to use an AED in time when the girl collapsed."


This implies that the girl's physical condition may not have been fit to partake in the walkathon to begin with. Should this not have been the parent's responsibility to ensure that their child was not doing an activity that was possibly too much for their physical capabilities?

Or is this the prefecture/school's fault for not ensuring that there were more medical supplies along walkathon in the case of an emergency?


Let's talk about that.


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