Discussion Week 38 - Friday the 27th and Sunday the 30th of January

 - Discussion Week 38 -


- Friday the 27th of January

- What would you do... 


If you were told today, that you had some incurable disease/or some other problem and you had only 1 week left to live, what would you do in that time?

How about if it was 1 month or 1 year?

For this discussion, the answers: "I would try to find a cure" or "I would spend a lot of money to invent a cure" etc. are forbidden. CURE IS IMPOSSIBLE in this discussion.


What do you think is the best plan of action for someone in that position?


Let's talk about that.

- Sunday the 30th of January

 - Fake News - 


Recently there seems to have been some kind of problem with "fake news" and for some reason people are having a hard time trying to distinguish what news is real and what is fake. As far as I understand, fake news has existed for a long time, even before the internet, in tabloids you could read about aliens kidnapping people and other crazy stuff.

Why do you think it's so difficult for people to understand the difference between real and fake news these days?

Do you think there is disproportionately more fake news these days than there was in the past?

Why are people not checking the facts before believing what they read? 


Let's talk about that.


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