Discussion Week 39 - Friday the 3rd and Sunday the 5th of February

 - Discussion Week 39 -


- Friday the 3rd of February

- Bootlegging 


Copying famous brands, concepts or designs with cheaper or lower quality materials, and selling the products much cheaper than the originals seems to be possible and popular to do in countries such as China.

But does copying these products really pose an issue to anyone?

What kinds of issues could it produce?

Original brand name products are very expensive, do you think that bootlegging could be combatted by lowering prices on those original products?


Let's talk about that.

- Sunday the 5th of February

 - WAR! (Not yet) - 


According to multiple new sources, it seems war between the U.S.A. and China is becoming more and more likely. President Trump has signed an increasingly large amount of executive orders, that have caused tension all over the world. 

Trump has also made some comments about Taiwan, which China still claims as part of it's territory, he also made a phonetical to the president of Taiwan.

"War with the U.S.A. under Donald Trump is "not just a slogan", and is becoming a "practical reality", a senior Chinese military official has said" - MSN News

With these kinds of issues happening, it seems war COULD break out.

What will happen in the world if it does?

What will happen in Japan?

What about in Kyoto?


Let's talk about that.


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