Discussion Week 41 - Friday the 17th and Sunday the 19th of February

 - Discussion Week 41 -


- Friday the 17th of February

- Engrish 


So in order to lighten up our discussion from once, let's talk about something less political.

So throughout Japan (for me only Kyoto so far) you can find mis-spelled, incorrect and just plain strange English on menus, signs, information booklets etc.

Even some companies that are very large and should have access to either enough native speakers or enough funds to hire a native speaker to check their English, have mistakes on their products or advertising.

How is it that this is still happening in Japan?

Do you think the majority of these mistakes will be fixed before the Tokyo 2020 Olympics?

Have you come across something with strange English on it in Japan, tell us about it. 


Let's talk about that.

- Sunday the 19th of February

 - Pro-Life/Pro-Choice -> If Pro-Choice, whose choice? - 


Trump is anti-abortion it seems, and those who are anti-abortion are called "pro-life" in the west. Is it really pro-life though if the only important part for a so-called "pro-lifer" is the birth part, and not what happens to the child after birth?

With America's expensive healthcare system, and poor people being more likely to get pregnant than those who are well off, the child being born isn't an issue, but what happens after to that child can be a big issue, especially in those poor families.

But, being "pro-choice" also has it's issues, if abortion is ok, whose choice is it to want the abortion or want the child?

While it is the woman's body that contains the child, the man may not be financially able to afford a child, or perhaps the pregnancy was an accident, perhaps the birth-control failed?

If the man has these issues, yet the woman still wants to carry the baby to term, should he still be responsible for child support, if from the moment of impregnation he was against having the child?



Let's talk about that.













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