Discussion Week 44 - Friday the 10th and Sunday the 12th of March

 - Discussion Week 44 -


- Friday the 10th of March -

- If you were dropped into the past (roughly 200 years into the past) would you teach people about technology that you know about from the future, or would you just try to adapt to life without it and say nothing? 


So imagine you woke up today and found that you were two hundred years in the past. After getting over the initial shock, what would you do?

As a lot of modern technology won't have been invented yet, will you teach people about modern technology?

Even if you think you don't know about any modern technology, there are certainly some things that you have learned in school, or over the years that people in the past won't know about.

The picture above will be printed out in a large format for you to read during the class.


Let's talk about that.

- Sunday the 12th of March -
- Marriage - 


Is marriage even necessary anymore?

Has it ever been necessary?

According to certain texts from the Heian period, it was normal or possibly even expected for the elites to be adulterous.

What difference does marriage make to a relationship, is it stronger when bound by a law?

Or is a law to bind two people together a restriction rather than a strengthening bond?


Let's talk about that.


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