Discussion Week 46 - Friday the 24th and Sunday the 26th of March

 - Discussion Week 46 -


- Friday the 24th of March -

- Why do we try to keep people (especially loved ones) alive as long as possible? 


I went to the hospital the other day, and I noticed there were a lot of old people.

That isn't a bad thing, and it is quite normal for old people to be in hospital.

Most of the old people there were still able to do things on their own eg. walk, talk, eat, etc.

However, there were a few that were no longer able to do anything by themselves. Some that were in wheelchairs or on beds and couldn't move by themselves anymore.

Perhaps it's only an opinion, but I think those who are bedridden, or unable to do anything are no longer able to live a life worth living, they cannot enjoy any normal part of life anymore even down to most simple or mundane parts of life.


Why do we try to keep these people alive as long as we can?

Are we just selfish?

Do you think that just because the person is unable to tell us, that they want to continue living in such a way?



Let's talk about that.

- Sunday the 26th of March -
- Why do we make stupid people famous?  

When I say stupid, I don't mean a person that is uneducated or unable to do anything.

But if we take a prime example as the "Kardashians" a family that are famous for reasons that are beyond me, or recently there has been a young girl in America who has become famous because her thug-like personality.

While there are scientists that are making strives in medical science, or archaeologists making amazing discoveries, but I'm sure you can name more people famous for being silly on TV or in a movie than you can famous scientists or people who have been fighting against terrorists etc.


Why do we make people famous that don't really deserve recognition?

Why don't we make enough people, that are important to all of humanity, famous?


If you don't know the kardashians, I recommend checking wikipedia, also the thug-like girl I mentioned earlier is known as the "how bow dah" girl if you want to check google for her.


Let's talk about that.













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