Discussion Week 1 - Friday the 7th and Sunday the 9th of April

 - Discussion Week 1 -


- Friday the 7th of April -

- Should the government be allowed to spy on citizens? 


Before you think of the most extreme situations, let me clarify.

don't mean camera surveillance, or people watching everything that you do.


What I mean is listening to your phone calls, reading your emails or text messages, or collecting you data from companies whose services you use.


Do you think it's ok for governments to engage in these kinds of activities?

Do you think this is an invasion of your privacy?

How do you think this kind of spying can be beneficial to society?



Let's talk about that.

- Sunday the 9th of April -
- Should kids that are found guilty of purposely committing heinous crimes be imprisoned in regular prison rather than a youth correctional facility?  
Usually, when children (minors) are convicted of a crime, they either get away with the crime or end up having to spend time in a correctional facility (also known as Juvenile Hall).
This is done because of their age, and multiple different reasons, for example a child is more easily reconditioned to be normal, also at young ages some children may not even know that they have done something bad.
However! There are cases in which the criminal is still a child by law, yet they are fully aware of what they were doing, and what the consequences are.
Do you think that if this can be proven that these 'children' should be forced to serve time in a regular jail?
An example of this is a case that happened in New Zealand not too long ago ( http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/79143996/motel-murder-pair-of-teens-found-guilty-in-epsom-death )
In which two minors had been messaging each other about how they were intending to attack someone including saying that it should be bad enough to put the person in hospital, after the beating, the person they attacked ended up dying. Even though their lawyers tried to say it was some kind of self defence, they were finally convicted.
Should these boys have been trialled in this way, or should they have received a chance to be put in a child-correctional facility.?

Let's talk about that.













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