Discussion Week 4 - Friday the 28th and Sunday the 30th of April

 - Discussion Week 4 -


- Friday the 28th of April -

- Why do foreigners face discrimination in Japan when it comes to official matters 


I am a New Zealander.

I am not Japanese.

What this means is that when I try to rent an apartment, buy a house, get a loan, or even just stay in Japan, I have extra procedures to go through because I'm foreign.

The chances of me getting a loan approved are lower in Japan because I'm foreign.

There is a chance that owners of apartment buildings/houses/etc. don't want foreigners in their building.

When I enter Japan I am given an "alien card" which I have to carry with me everywhere by law. Other forms of I.D. are not a sufficient replacement.


Why do foreigners receive such discrimination in Japan?

Do you think these points are just rare cases?

If they're not rare cases do you think they are too strict on foreigners?

If they're not too strict, do you think other countries would benefit from similar discrimination against new foreigners?



Let's talk about that.

- Sunday the 30th of April -
- Why is there so much death/why is death reported on so much is Japan?  

I often read the news on the website http://www.japantoday.com

When I check the "National" tab of that website, more often than not I see reports of death in Japan. Now, when tragedy strikes, it is most certainly normal to report on it, however, there is such a large proportion of death articles compared to others.

Why is death reported on so much in Japan?

Do you think it is ok that death is reported on so often in the news?

Do you think it would be better if it wasn't reported on? (I wouldn't want to hear about my relative dying/being killed/suicide in the news)


Let's talk about that.













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