Discussion Week 5 - Friday the 5th and Sunday the 7th of May

 - Discussion Week 5 -


- Friday the 5th of May -

- History VS. Truth 


If you check the history timeline of Japan, I should say the "official" timeline, or possibly the "public" history of Japan, you'll find that the first emperor of Japan took the throne in 660 BCE. Also, you'll find that officially, some female empresses are not officially counted amongst the list of emperors that have ruled Japan.

Even if you check the "list of emperors of Japan" page on wikipedia, you find that most of them are listed with "Traditional Dates"(this means they aren't the real dates)

This fits nicely with Japan's current traditional views and policies, but is it really the truth?

Well if we were to check the remains and other physical evidence we find from historical periods of Japan's history, we find that some of the true history and the national history don't agree with each other.


This is not really  a big problem, but the question I want to ask you is: Should the true history be more important than a good narrative(story) that "fits"?

If the history of Japan were to change to the true history, do you think that would be an issue? (if it would, why?)


List of emperors of Japan: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Emperors_of_Japan

Let's talk about that.

- Sunday the 7th of May -
- Diets, Exercise Regimes and Supplements -  


If I want to, I could invent a diet, and exercise regime or press some fruits and vegetables together into a small block and market them freely.

I could claim that they will help you to lose weight, or to get muscles and that I did the same diet/exercise/supplement and so I am the proof that it works.

For example, if I were to get in shape by swimming at the gym every week, I could claim and sell my regime as a definite way to get fit!

Also, I wouldn't need to get any kind of scientific study done to prove it.

Do you think these kinds of things should require scientific study to back them up?

If one of these methods is proven as false, what should happen to the method, and the the creator?

What should happen to the money that the creator has already gotten away with (eg. transferred overseas so it cannot be claimed back)?


Let's talk about that.













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