Discussion Week 6 - Friday the 12th and Sunday the 14th of May

 - Discussion Week 6 -


- Friday the 12th of May -

- The Bell Curve 


This week we'll talk about intelligence, race, and social morals.


The book "The Bell Curve"(1994) is about the measurement of I.Q. of people from different races, social backgrounds and walks of life.

The authors of this book have been harshly criticised as racists and that they didn't submit their work for peer review before publishing.


There were possible measurement errors, group biases etc. but the authors haven't said their research was conclusive.


Rather than criticise the book or the authors or the methods they used, I want to talk about the social morals, whether or not its really a good idea to try to see if there is a difference in intelligence across races, social backgrounds etc.


Do you think it's a bad idea to try to see if certain people are smarter than others?

The book also mentions that those who have high I.Q. (cognitive elite) were becoming further and further separate from people with lower intelligence in society by using their smarts to get richer, do you think that is a fair statement?


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Let's talk about that.

- Sunday the 14th of May -
- Homeless Deterrent -  
In some places which may seem like a good place for homeless people to take a nap, governments/city councils/businesses have taken to installing some kind of "homeless deterrents".
For example spikes on the ground or by a door/window to make the ground uncomfortable to sleep on. Or water sprinklers that activate when people stay near a certain place for a certain length of time.
Or park benches designed to be uncomfortable to stay on for a long time.
Are these methods inhumane?
Furthermore, do you think that businesses reserve the right to keep their storefronts clear?
Is the government just giving a mean, temporary solution to a problem they need a kind permanent solution for?
Here are some links about this topic: 


Let's talk about that.




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