Discussion Week 7 - Friday the 19th and Sunday the 21st of May

 - Discussion Week 7 -


- Friday the 19th of May -


- Kumamoto Baby Door 


In Kumamoto, there's a building with a little door.

The little door can be opened, and a baby can be placed inside anonymously.


This was done to provide a place for children that would have somehow been abandoned/neglected by the parents.

The parents may not have had the finances or means to care for or raise a child, but may be against the idea of having an abortion, or even, of course, no money for an abortion (it's expensive!)


Do you think institutions like this are a good idea?

What should be done if the parents have regrets and want the child back later?

 should more places like this exist in Japan?


Let's talk about that.


- Friday the 21st of May -

- Homeschooling VS. Public/Private Schooling 


Homeschooling is when parents get either their own material, or material from the country's education ministry, and teaches their child from home in their formative years.

Public schooling is when we send a child to a publicly open institution for education, often these places are cheap or free.

Private schooling is when we send a child to a private institution for education, these places usually have difficult screening procedures and are expensive.


Which is better?

Do you have faith in the public schooling system?

Do you think homeschooling could be a form of brain-washing? 

Let's talk about that.


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