Discussion Week 11 - Friday the 16th, Sunday the 18th, and Tuesday the 20th of June

 - Discussion Week 11 -


- Friday the 16th AND Tuesday the 20th of June -


- House size regulations 


In Japan, it is possible to rent a room which is quite small, yet you could live in there if you tried.

In other countries, the size of rooms that seen as acceptable in Japan would be considered almost inhumane to rent out to people.

Even in New Zealand I can recall a case where some investor had intended to build an apartment building with so-called "shoebox apartments" but was denied, as the size of the apartments were too small.

Do you think house size regulations should change to increase the minimum size of houses/rooms in Japan?

Why do you think houses/rooms have been allowed to be rented out/sold at such small sizes?

Japan's empty house crisis shows that there is more than enough room in the country for bigger rooms, why do small rooms continue to be built?


Let's talk about that.



- Sunday the 18th of June -

- My car, your problem  


In Japan, well, I've only lived in Kyoto, but  within Kyoto, I have come across an issue with Japanese drivers. While I'm sure there are foreigners driving in Japan, and Kyoto too, with the tiny minority of foreigners in Japan, the issue I have faced can be easily attributed to Japanese people.

As far as I understand, it is in the road rules (law) that one must stop for a person waiting at a pedestrian crossing. But my issue is this:

Why don't Japanese people stop at pedestrian crossings?

Why do Japanese people drive as if the world is the inside of their house (anything goes)?


I quite often (though not as often as the pedestrian crossing issue) notice another issue, when a  short stretch of road is open, quite often people will quite often speed up as much as they can, only to brake heavily to slow down at the end of the road, what causes this kind of behaviour? 







Let's talk about that.


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