Discussion Week 16 - Sunday the 23rd, Tuesday the 25th, and Friday the 28th of July.

 - Discussion Week 16 -



- Tuesday the 25th and Friday the 28th of July -


- Should famous people that kill themselves/die of a drug overdose be given media attention? 


When people get rich and famous, it isn't uncommon to hear that they do drugs. It's also not entirely uncommon to hear that they may have died of a drug overdose, or killed themselves while on drugs, or because of drugs.


After they die, the media often try to show how the famous person was loved and great etc.


What kind of message are we sending to people who idolise those famous people?

That you will still be loved even if you do drugs? even if you die from them?

That suicide is ok because people may still look at your life positively?

Should we be giving them negative media attention instead?


Let's talk about that.



- Sunday the 23rd of July -

- Why do people care about the private life of royal/imperial families?  



I understand the feeling that people will want to know the official state of the royal/imperial families, like marriage, official ceremonies, or any other kinds of decisions that may have to do with the country, or image of the country.


But why do people want to know about the truly private lives of royals?

Why do people need to know that the prince went to the beach?

Why do people want to know what the queen does in the kitchen?

Why is it important to know what's in the princess's handbag?


Let's talk about that.


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